Keiser M3 Indoor Cycle

Keiser M3 Indoor Cycle Spin Bike

The Keiser M3 Indoor Cycle is an award-winning, third-generation stationary cycle that is the result of many years of endless research, experience and development with input and collaboration among some of the world’s finest trainers and fitness clubs in the world. The cycle is 45″ in height, 26″ wide, 49″ long and weighs 85 pounds. The Keiser M3 boasts many superb features including adjustable Shimano combo pedals, easy portability, a gravity based water bottle holder, dual placement comfort handles, adjustable seat and handlebar heights, anti-slip belt, easy installation, smooth resistance shifter, an odometer, a comfortable saddle and an optional computer system.

This product showed up on the health scene a little over a decade ago and has continued to improve due to non-stop dedication and research from the team at Keiser. The price of this indoor cycle is about $1,695 plus shipping/taxes (about $150) and is well worth every penny over the lifetime use of the cycle.

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Here is a non-exhaustive list of features to consider:

  • Luxurious, spa quality features
  • 24 gear Eddy Current magnetic resistance
  • Smooth and realistic motions that give the feeling of actually riding a bike outdoors
  • Quiet belt drive for a silent, relaxing workout
  • Built-in computer display that shows calories burned, the heart rate, watts, ODO distance, gear, elapsed time and heart rate
  • Ultra-smooth magnetic braking system that produces pedal resistance closely resembling that of a real road bike
  • Saddle and pedals are equipped with extra thick foam for superb comfort
  • Simple, fast assembly for even a novice – you’ll be cycling in minutes from box to floor
  • An excellent 10 year warranty with a 3 year warranty on mechanical and electronic parts
  • System delivers 24 different levels of resistance, allowing the rider to create a huge variety of different virtual terrains for varied workout experiences
  • The cycler is able to burn up to 1,200 calories per hour with the unique design of this bike.

The Good

Keiser M3 Computer DisplayThe Keiser M3 Indoor Cycle offers the luxury of a resort spa for consumers to enjoy at their convenience in the privacy of their own home. This product offers a hefty 10-year warranty, boosting consumer confidence in a purchase that will not only increase health benefits, but will also help those looking to lose weight and tone up. The Keiser M3 Indoor Cycle has a unique magnetic resistance system allowing the cycling experience to closely resemble an actual bike ride on a beautiful summer day. The top of the line computer display allows several various virtual cycling experiences to be programmed so the cycler (or spinner) can enjoy variety and the benefits of different workouts from the same product.

The saddle of the cycle and pedals that will be bearing the majority of the resistance of the workout is padded with extra thick material that will not wear out quickly, offering the consumer an in-home exercise experience easily matching any of the finest spas. The bike is renowned for need little or no maintenance and cannot be matched for a smooth ride. And, weighing only 125 pounds, this cycle can easily support the workout of a 300-pound cyclist with no problems.

For those who are direction-followers to the letter, the cycle is simple and has easy to understand assembly directions with very few tools. From delivery at the front door to sitting on the bike, the approximate time for assembly is thirty minutes, depending on the consumer.

Because of the super-smooth magnetic braking system, the cycle barely shudders or offers resistance when braking and this cycle is virtually silent, whether cycling or braking. For the consumer who purchases this item to use regularly and plans for a weight loss program or a toning program, the cycle will perform every time just like the first time. There is little to no maintenance, as stated, on this item and Keiser’s strong and confident warranty only serves to instill confidence in the person who purchases this item.

Most indoor cycles have sophisticated computer LED displays that provide information to the cycler about calories burned, speed, and other typical information, but the Keiser M3 Cycle has a computer system equipped to monitor and measure cadence as well as the bike’s resistance level so the consumer knows exactly where he/she needs to improve, change their workout plan or simply continue with the knowledge that everything is working as it should be.

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The Bad

The main downside of the Keiser M3 Indoor Cycle is that it ranks as one of the more expensive indoor cycles on the market. Prices range from $1,650 to $1,800, depending on where the consumer makes his/her purchase. Many well-known competitors offer comparable products for half of the price. However, the price of this cycle includes a strong warranty, service personnel that will stand behind the product with 100% satisfaction guaranteed if maintenance were ever needed (and it rarely is); and a luxury overall that can’t be matched by the competitors.

When spending this amount of money on an spin bike, the consumer does so knowing that the ride will be smooth and enjoyable, the comfort level will be twice as satisfying and the product itself is simply worth the money that is being spent. The consumer is not just buying a name or a brand. The money being spent is being spent on a product that will insure the consumer with every use that the right purchase was made.

The Verdict

After careful research, reviews from others who have used the product, reviews of other similar products and research about what a consumer should expect from a product of this type, this reader is, without question, certain that this Indoor Cycle is the ‘Cadillac of indoor cycles’. The Keiser M3 Indoor Cycle has carefully read, surveyed and paid attention to their customers, who have used the product for over a decade. They have taken that information and asked the age old question – “How can we make it better?” to constantly improve their product. Customers who use this produce become loyal, repeat customers, which rolls over into other product areas as well.

When considering a viable and consistent exercise regimen, indoor cycling is an excellent choice because it can be done with flexibility that suits the needs and schedule of the consumer, it is safe for most who use it, it is research-based as being one of the finest methods of cardiovascular exercise that also tones and burns calories and persons needing to exercise can’t use excuses any more – now, it won’t matter even if it’s raining outside.

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