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Designed as an in-canal, over-the-ear solution that’s also affordable, the JLab FIT sports earbud system is an interesting option to be considered by athletes and exercisers who are looking to get their music fix. Introduced in 2013, the FIT earbud system current retails for $12.99 on Amazon’s website. Its primary feature is a customizable, wire-in looped ear hook that can be shaped to the wearer’s ear in order to achieve a better fit and greater comfort. Its aluminum build is intended to yield both a lighter overall weight and greater durability. The goal of the FIT is to balance both quality and affordability within a single package that the user can customize.

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  • Sweatproof and splashproof design
  • Washable
  • Customizable ear hooks
  • Titanium microdrivers for producing sound
  • Universally compatible remote with push button track control
  • Detachable cable
  • Included replacement cable

The Good

JLab JBuds FITThe JLab FIT is intended to be a highly affordable option that delivers a great deal of quality for its price point, and it easily delivers on that promise. It’s meant to be comfortable, lightweight and durable without costing a lot. The FIT does also come with a one-year satisfaction guarantee from JLab. The FIT is one of the better available earbud options at the lower end of the pricing spectrum.

The FIT is comfortable to wear once it has been properly adjusted. While its customizable fit ear hook requires a bit of effort and time to get to a point where it can feel comfortable, once the wearer has adjusted everything it does fit well. The detachable cable also allows users to easily adapt the flow of the cabling around their bodies while preparing for a workout or a run. The FIT is small and unobtrusive, and its simple design and black color allow it to be tasteful and non-descript.

The FIT also comes with a number of accessories. The package includes seven eartip pairs, designed in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit the needs of each wearer. The FIT comes with a shirt clip too, and JLab has included an extra cable. FIT’s detachable cable portion is away from the remote, so owners don’t need to worry about replacing that section of the system when it wears out. The pile of accessories alone can easily justify the purchase price of the FIT.

In terms of audio quality, the FIT produces suitable sound. It won’t overwhelm the hardcore bass freaks, but the FIT does provide very good high- and mid-range sound. For its price range, the FIT does deliver good bass, but audiophiles would be encouraged to look a bit further upmarket for their fix.

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The Bad

While the detachable cables appear to be a nice addition, they do not detach at the earbuds. This is disappointing because when the cable needs to be replaced, this is one of the most likely points where they will be compromised. This lack of design consideration increases the likelihood that when the cable fails the buyer’s replacement cable will simply be sitting there uselessly taunting them. It all but guarantees that the buyer will need to purchase a new set of earbuds. On the upside, the FIT is inexpensive enough that buyers shouldn’t be too bothered about ordering another set.

Audio quality, while not something that a buyer expects in this price range, leaves something to be desired. Especially at higher audio levels, there is noticeable crackling, pitch and distortion in the audio that the FIT produces. The FIT is unlikely to produce the desired results for exercisers who favor hip-hop, rap or club music that features a great deal of bass.

The Verdict

The JLab FIT does what it’s designed to do. It’s a quality option at a low price. If anything, the FIT is likely to exceed the expectations that buyers will have for earbuds that cost less than $15. While the FIT is far from an audiophile’s dream, it simply isn’t intended for the demographic that’s buying high-end audio systems. The FIT is meant to be a sensible solution for a price-conscious consumer. In that regard, the FIT does a very admirable job of achieving its goals.

The one-year satisfaction guarantee along with the low price point and the large number of accessories that come with the FIT make it a very appealing option. The consumer gets a lot to show for putting down very little money. The system is highly customizable and with a little effort can be made very comfortable to wear. For the exerciser who simply wants a quality product at a fair price, the FIT is a solid choice. It won’t break the bank, and it delivers a surprising level of audio quality and features.

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