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There is nothing like doing what it takes to get the right workout. Whether you are running, jogging, biking, hiking, or weight training, having your workout gear is essential. One particular item that continues to be a troublesome item for most active individuals are their headphones. Headphones can easily ruin your workout by not staying in place, having poor sound quality, and being terribly uncomfortable. To combat this problem, you should invest in a quality pair of headphones. One particular brand and model that has been extremely popular among athletes is the Jaybird Freedom. Below is the product’s review so you can make the right decision.

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The Jaybird Freedom headphone set is unlike anything that you’ve ever tried before. These headphones are premium Bluetooth headphones so you can listen to your music wirelessly. Yes, you read right. You won’t need to deal with a clunky music player in your pocket or tied to your upper arm. These headphones allow you to listen to your music without being burdened by extra gear. To add to that, these headphones are designed to be durable, comfortable, and compatible with your entire workout needs.

This product was released on the market in 2013 and its current sale price on Amazon is $78.99. So, if you want quality without breaking the bank, this one is a good option.


  • Long battery life
  • Easy to use
  • It does not tangle
  • Small design
  • Compatible with with any A2DP Bluetooth stereo device including iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android, Windows, Blackberry Phones, Moto Actv, iPod nano (now features Bluetooth connectivity), PC, Mac, and gaming devices.
  • Great audio quality
  • Takes calls
  • Ideal for any athlete looking to exercise without hassle and clumpy equipment

Essentially, the Jaybird has many advantages. It’s ideal for those that are looking for something small with good audio and that they can count on to run with without getting destroyed or uncomfortable. In addition, the advantage of taking calls is also a great point.

The Good

When deciding on a new pair of workout headphones, the features are necessary to look at. This particular product is very promising in this area, as it provides users with some fantastic capabilities.

  • The Feeling of Freedom with Wireless

As mentioned above, these headphones are completely wireless. This is perhaps what makes this pair of headphone so worthwhile. As an athlete, there is nothing more disappointing than trying to work out when you have a clunky device on your arm or pocket. In addition to playing music, you can also have your phone calls routed to your headphone set so you don’t need to worry that you’ll miss an important call. All of the audio that permeates from these headphones is also high quality. The sound is clear, easy to discern, crisp, and strong.

  • Comfort with Secure Fit Sport Ear Cushion

Owning a pair of headphones that is uncomfortable and attempting to exercise with them is a terrible experience for any athlete. Headphones should be built so well that you hardly feel that they are there – and the Jaybird is one of those types of headphones. The Bluetooth ear buds are engineered with patented Secure Sport ear cushions so they fit in your ear stably. You can also adjust the size of the ear bud. There are also 3 sizes of sound isolating ear tips that have 9 customizable sizing options. No matter what size your ear is or how active of an athlete you are, these headphones will stay in place comfortably.

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  • Small Design

Not only are these headphones comfortable and adjustable, but the design is 40% smaller than the Jaybird’s other models and other brands. This means that you’re getting a pair of headphones that have a competitive edge over others.

  • Long Battery Life

This is a major advantage for athletes that take especially long excursions. The battery life of the Jaybird is a total of 4.5 hours. The battery is also rechargeable, so you can quickly get back on track.

  • Warranty

Apart from the battery life, this product is also covered lifetime warranty against sweat damage. The Jaybird is engineered so that a specialized gasket seal under full-time compression provides water-tight buttons and a seal. This makes the product more user friendly, safe, and far less prone to damage. If something does occur though, you can be sure that your investment is well protected.

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The Bad

  • Some users experience technical issues.
  • Some claim it isn’t as sweat proof as it should be. This disadvantage is difficult to judge because everyone sweats at a different level. But, the bottom line is that if it says sweat proof, then it should be completely sweat proof.

As with every product, it is important to recognize that it will have technical issues. These drawbacks may simply be a consequence of a particular pair, something that the owner did, and so forth.

The Verdict

Overall, if these headphones are designed for athletes. If you’re looking for a product that will provide you with comfort, stability, ease of use, and a good price, than this is it. However, due to some user complaints, you might want to check out a higher grade model by Jaybird. For example, their JayBird BlueBuds X Sport Bluetooth is an alternative to these.

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