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JayBird Bluebuds X Earbud Headphones

Introduced in early 2013, JayBird’s BlueBuds X set of earbuds is designed to leverage Bluetooth technology and eliminate the headache that comes from managing cords during gym exercises and longer runs. The product eliminates the need for a traditional headphone jack connection to laptops, tablets, and smartphones, replacing that connection instead with low-powered Bluetooth technology.

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As a result of built-in Bluetooth connectivity, the headphones do not tangle, are lighter than their counterparts with traditional connectors, and don’t fall out nearly as often during a particularly fast run or a vigorous bout of weightlifting at the gym. The BlueBuds are easy to store, on account of their more compact size and lack of long cords, and provide superior audio quality through an in-ear, noise-cancelling, earbud design that has won rave reviews from users and critics alike. An eight-hour battery life ensures that they’ll be a perfect fit even for marathon runners and those who listen to music throughout the workday.


  • An extended, 8-hour battery life ensures that the headphones can last through longer workouts, extended workdays, or simply go several days between charges.
  • Perfectly sized earbuds and the company’s patented ear cushions, hold the earbuds in place so that they don’t shift or fall out during vigorous workouts.
  • A custom version of the Bluetooth audio codec, known as Shfit, ensures richer base, higher treble highlights, and a more immersive listening experience overall.
  • The X-Fit design allows the earbuds to be worn on the neck or above the neck, which might be more comfortable for weightlifters and those playing sports while listening.
  • The Signal Plus system keeps the Bluetooth connection strong, no matter how deeply a listener’s phone is buried in their shorts or jacket during a workout.

The Good

Jaybird Bluebuds X Side ViewThere really is a lot to love about JayBird’s innovative BlueBuds X earbuds. Perhaps the most significant feature of these earbuds is simply their ability to do away with the old, analog headphone connector. The use of Bluetooth LE technology allows these earbuds to receive optical transmissions from smartphones and other devices, which actually results in a higher-quality listening experience even before the buds’ innovative audio codec is considered. That audio codec, named Shift, is a customized version of the Bluetooth SBC offering. The company notes that it “rivals wired headphones” thanks to a focus on deeper base, adept handling of higher frequency sounds, and a warmer sound during workouts.

The earbuds should also be appreciated for their versatility and durability, especially for those who exercise while listening to their favorite music. The BlueBuds X earbuds come with the X-Fit system for the ultimate in long-term comfort. While most will simply wear the earbuds with the cord resting on their neck, X-Fit allows the buds to be adjusted upward, so that the cord makes no contact with the neck or the head. This is easily more comfortable for long-distance runners, weightlifters, and athletes, who might find that a resting cord chafes the neck while sweating. A secure fit, using both properly sized earbuds and an ear locking system, keeps the buds themselves in place so that no loss of audio quality or loudness is experienced.

Because these earbuds are designed for use by athletes, JayBird pairs each pair with a lifetime warranty against the effects of sweat and the elements on earbud functionality and comfort. Should sweat ruin any part of the listening experience, the company will offer a complimentary replacement pair that restores full functionality and quality to the user’s experience in any environment. This is one of the most robust guarantees on the market, and should be a welcome bonus for devoted athletes.

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The Bad

There really is not much to detract from the superior quality and durability of these earbuds. If there is just one negative factor that both users and reviewers have noted over the past year and a half since their public release, it would have to be the battery. While the included 8-hour battery is sufficient for almost all uses, it’s worth remembering that this is a lithium-ion battery. The very nature of this technology ensures that capacity will decrease over time, after a large number of charges. This may affect the long-term durability of the earbuds. Furthermore, those who forget to charge the earbuds before a workout could be in line for an unpleasant, quiet surprise midway through their run or gym routine.

The Verdict

Despite operating on a battery, as is the case with all Bluetooth headphones, the JayBird BlueBuds X earbuds are a great choice for the modern athlete. They eliminate analog audio and traditional headphone jack connectors from the equation entirely. Thanks to an ear locking system and X-Fit, the earbuds can be worn in any position required to maintain great comfort. Their custom Bluetooth audio codec implementation and lifetime warranty against the effects of sweat makes the BlueBuds X earbuds a perfect math for devoted athletes and even the most discerning audiophiles in search of a new, wireless pair of earbuds that uses the latest in Bluetooth technology.

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