Ironman IFT 4000 Infrared Inversion Table

Ironman IFT 4000 Infrared Inversion Therapy Table

Fitness experts and doctors highly suggest that people perform workouts every day as they not only keep individuals physically fit but they are also good for mental health. It is a misplaced conception that exercise is used for building a six pack body or losing weight. The hidden reality is that there are certain physical regimens that keep people safe from different illnesses.

Some exercise machines are also thought to have healing capabilities as they cure different mental and physical ailments. One such machine is the Ironman IFT 4000 Infrared Therapy Inversion Table. It is a great addition to the inversion table market as it is efficient in relieving back pain. This is because it combines the latest advanced infrared heat therapy technology with traditional inversion relaxation to deeper penetrate the body. For only $300, it will keep people away from pain and make their body free from stress.

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Best Features

  • Inverting Handgrip
  • Three Starting Positions
  • Has Advanced FIR Heat Technology
  • Backrest Has Ultra-Thin Carbon Fiber Heating Properties That Helps Soothe Muscles
  • Greater Weight Capacity
  • Extra Long Safety Handles

The Good

Woman at full inversion with the Ironman IFT 4000There are a number of things that people like about this inversion table. It a very sturdy unit. The table is engineered for strength, speed, endurance and performance. Its tubular steel frame is coated with a scratch resistant finish.

A lot of people are impressed with the quality of the parts. It is also very easy to assemble as well. As a matter of fact, a lot of people stated that the machine can be set up in about 30 minutes. All holes lined up without fit issues.

Unlike other inverted tables out there, the IFT 4000’s board is very sensitive to the person’s center of gravity and moves quite nicely. The heating element gets warm very fast and can be adjusted to a temperature that people want and how long they want to run it.

There is even a Fahrenheit and Celsius adjustment. The heat extends to the length of the back to help people to relax. What is even better is that individuals can adjust the temperature once their body gets inverted.

Aside from that, some people like the wire on this inverted table as it has an anchor on the leg’s side so that you never have to risk getting it near any moving parts. People also like the fact that they do not have to lean down to release their ankles. This is due to the patented ratchet gear system that releases the ankles at a single push of a button.

People like its inverting handgrip. It helps them in changing the position of their body effectively and efficiently without falling down. Users also appreciate the remote control that tucks in the side pocket as it is easily accessible. The inversion table also comes with three starting positions.

People can even experience a full inversion. Aside from that, it has greater weight capacity. An average inversion table of the same price can only bear weight up to a maximum of 250 pounds. This is not the case with the IFT 4000 Infrared Therapy Inversion Table. It has a maximum weight capacity of 350 pounds. Even larger individuals can use it. The table also has tough rubber nonskid floor stabilizers that offer great security.

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The Bad

Some people feel that the foot cuffs are slightly unpleasant and cause minor pain when they are hanging upside down. It also does not have a position locking mechanism. People have to use a strap on the bottom side of the table that they have to manually adjust every time they want to change angles.

They also do not like the fact that the angle of inversion is changed by adjusting the length of a strap. This is a little awkward as the majority of users change the inversion angle quite often.

People also suggest that this machine should have an inclinometer or some method that lets them know the angle of inversion they are at when they adjust the strap. Unlike other inversion tables out there, this machine is tricky and heavy to fold. Some individuals also do not like the price as it is slightly higher than its competitors.

The Verdict

Ironman IFT 4000 DemonstrationThe Ironman IFT 4000 Infrared Therapy Inversion Table is one of the better choices available on the market. The best part is that this inversion table is very affordable. The FIR infrared heat therapy can deeply penetrate a person’s body tissue. Moreover, its heating elements produce gentle and optimum heat to soothe a person’s back pain.

If an individual is suffering from back pain, this inverted table is the right one for them.

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