Horizon Fitness T202-03 Treadmill

Horizon Fitness T202-03 Treadmill

Horizon fitness produces feature-rich treadmills that support healthy living. The Horizon Fitness T202-03 model treadmill is no different and combines maximum horsepower with extra creature comforts such as surround sound speakers. The unit came out as a new release in 2011. Over 30 menu options include multiple workout programs and the ability to create goals over time. All menu options are programmable on a back-lit LCD screen that shows the distance remaining to reach each goal.

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The Good

  • Easy storage

Horizon Fitness uses a storage system known as Feather LIGHT. It is a folding lift unit that allows the entire assembly to fold up and lie flat against the wall or floor. Hydraulic lift units and shocks reduce fatigue and quickly raise the unit up with less work than competitive units.

  • Heavy-duty motor for long life

The T202-03 features a continuous-duty motor that are quiet and efficient. They remain quiet at the highest speeds and at the maximum incline. The motor has a lifetime warranty as well.

  • High incline for intense workouts

The Horizon Fitness T202-03 features a 12 percent maximum incline for increasing stamina and endurance in workouts. The patented cushioned padding include heavy rubber gripping material for traction control. Running on an incline promotes additional stimulation of muscles in the leg and can lead to a more efficient workout in less time.

  • Several pre-programmed workouts

The 30 programmed options for workout on the T202-03 combine several manual combinations and cardio workouts. There are 10 distance-based workout presets and 10 steps-based workouts included. The unit can calculate long and short-term goals in both manual mode and preset modes for intense or light workouts throughout the day. The advanced Goal Center allows you to chart up to a month of exercise time that can be transferred via an app to your iPod or smartphone.

  • Heart monitoring

The onboard heart rate monitor is more detailed and will monitor your pulse during an exercise for target rates. Target rate zones can be set in manual and preset exercise modes to build up endurance in a healthy manner. The dual grip monitoring system provides instant access to data without becoming detached from the machine.

Hirzon T202-03 Treadmill Display Close Up

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The Bad

  • Difficult to read display

The screen is a backlit-LCD that may be difficult to read in the daytime or under ambient light. The text can be small and difficult to track as it changes from different modes. The newer T202-03 model has smaller numbers to accommodate the various settings that display simultaneously with the unit.

  • Lack of incremental speed adjustment

The Horizon T202 features incremental speed adjustments up to number 4. However, it skips immediately to number 6 and can be difficult to regulate for fine tuned exercises. Many exercise machines feature incremental presets for fine tuned speeds. This unit also places the speed adjustments in a higher position on the machine making it difficult for some users to adjust.

  • Smaller track surface

The T202 treadmill by Horizon Fitness features a track that is stable and easy to grip onto. However, the 55″ long running surface may be difficult to navigate for runners with longer legs or needs for more endurance training. Users may have to upgrade to the T203 model to achieve a higher running capacity here.

The Verdict

The Horizon T202-03 is a powerful treadmill that replicates several exercising actions. It can replicate stair stepping or climbing a tall mountain for endurance. This treadmill is an economical model that is featured at $1,000 or less depending on the recent sales price. Similar treadmills such as the Sole F85 features more weight capacity at 400 pounds and additional levels of incline. The retail price of these machines is approximately $1,800.

While the Sole F85 is more feature rich in terms of fine tuned exercising modes and horsepower, the Horizon T202 is a great deal for the money. It features similar features in comfort such as the mp3 surround sound connections and patented cushioning system on-board. The additional parts warranty on the motor and frame make this an easy buy that will match the competition.

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