GNC Pro Performance AMP 100% Whey Protein

GNC Pro Performance Amplified 100% Whey Protein

GNC Pro Performance AMP Amplified Whey Protein is a drink mix used by athletes for its many beneficial properties. This drink’s micronized proteins and amino acids provide advanced muscle performance while the Leucine builds lean muscles. It also helps speed up one’s recovery time after a workout. A fairly new product on the market, a two pound container sells for $38.76 on Amazon. Everyone participating in anything from the average home workout to the top sports athletic competitions can greatly benefit from this product’s abilities. Available in a cookies and cream flavor, it is easy to mix and tastes like a sweet treat.

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  • Contains 20 grams of protein that features Hydrolysates, Micronized Whey, and 22.5 grams of essential Amino Acids
  • 107% more effective absorption of total Amino Acids
  • 234% more effective absorption of Leucine
  • Formulated to build leaner muscles
  • Easy on your stomach
  • Simple to use and take
  • Easy to prepare
  • Shortens recovery time after workout
  • Helps build the immune system
  • Beneficial in weight management

The Good

Pro Performance AMP Supplement FactsThis Amplified Whey Protein has technology enhanced protein that includes hydrolysates. These are clinically proven to allow a greater amount of amino acids into one’s blood stream. It works much quicker and better than regular whey. This results in larger amounts of amino acids to help support athletic strength, endurance, performance, and recovery.

Backed by cutting-edge technology and the best development and research principles, this product is designed as a quality whey protein drink. It features micronized whey proteins along with hydrolysates, glutamine, and leucine. The amino acids and micronized proteins found within this formula use MicroSorb Amino Technology to pulverize all ingredients into smaller particles. This makes them easier to absorb. Because of this, Amplified Whey Protein delivers excellent amino acid uptake when compared to normal whey. This means the muscle will receive more of the amino acids they need for fuel. The amino acids support the protein needed in muscle building, muscle recovery, and many more processes your muscles experience.

This product is made more absorbable by using a distinct digestive enzyme blend that is included in the Amino Acceleration System. The enzymes were created scientifically to further quicken the available amount of amino acids for absorption.

Along with 4.5 grams of Leucine that is needed in muscle protein synthesis, there is3.5 grams of glutamine. Glutamine supports the recovery process. The formula is filled with a wide range of aminos your muscles need before working out, during exercise, and afterwards.

Tri-MG is a clinically studied ingredient that enhances an athlete’s performance. Also referred to as trimethylglycine or betaine, this ingredient is found in GNC Pro Performance AMP Amplified Whey Protein. Fitness enthusiast, athletes, and sports competitors who regularly exercise will benefit from this drink mix. Anyone looking for a high quality, fast absorbing, protein will be pleased with the results.

It has been proven that this product’s protein blend delivers a higher amount of critical aminos into the blood stream much quicker than from normal whey. Two serving of this drink will maximize your amino acid absorption as it delivers 107% more amino acids than plain whey. You’ll also benefit from 114% more of the branched chain amino acids at a rate that is 142% quicker than whey alone. The branched chain amino acids reduce how much protein breaks down during exercise in order to preserve your muscle’s store of glycogen. Even the Leucine is absorbed 370% quicker.

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The Bad

Online reviews show that a few customers find this drink mix doesn’t always blend well. When it is not blended properly, it will have a chalky consistency, and the flavor won’t taste as good as it should. This also makes it difficult to swallow. The directions say to mix it with water, but many people have commented in their reviews that the taste improves when mixed with milk instead.

This mix can also take a little longer to prepare than is advertised. If the measured amount of the mix is simply added to water and stirred, it is quick. When mixed this way, even when stirred with a fork, it doesn’t always completely dissolve. This leads to the unpleasant taste and consistency mentioned in the reviews. When mixed with a blender, the product comes out much smoother and with a better flavor, but this takes slightly more preparation time.

The Verdict

GNC Pro Performance AMP Amplified Whey Protein is a very good buy for the current price point. When compared to similar products such as Wheybolic 60, this drink mix provides more protein and helps the amino acids absorb better for a much more affordable cost. Along with providing crucial proteins and amino acids to the body, it also helps build the immune system, adds bone support, and is an excellent tool for weight loss management.

The mix is not hard to prepare and is easy to swallow. Those who have stated in their online reviews that this product was difficult to mix and take were simply stirring it into water. When added to milk, it has a much more appealing taste. Using a blender rather than spoon stirring illuminates any problems with a chalky taste or difficulties in swallowing. One can purchase a Pro Cup Blender Bottle separately to further aid in the mixing of this product.

Overall the Pro Performance AMP Amplified Whey Protein will help anyone who works out on a regular basis. It keeps the body and muscles in top condition with a quicker recovery time. Easy to use and affordable, this drink mix provides plenty of value for the money spent.

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