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Gazelle Edge by Tony Little

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The Gazelle Edge is a home fitness glider and manual elliptical trainer that helps individuals build stamina and improve their cardiovascular performance without putting unnecessary strain in joints. The value-priced cardio machine, that was developed by former bodybuilding champion Tony Little, currently sells for $129.97 on, but do not let its small price tag fool you. While it is a budget-friendly in-home exercise glider, this machine can pack a big punch for individuals who want to lose weight, tone their muscles and burn calories. The Gazelle Edge is made of a rolled steel frame that is durable and sturdy while still being capable of holding users up to 250 pounds in weight. Measuring 48 x 28 x 54 inches and weighing in at 42 pounds, this economical cardio glider can quickly fold into a flat position to make for easy storage and portability. Read on and determine with this cardio trainer is a good investment for you.

The Good

The Edge may have a compact frame, but what sets it apart from other cardio trainers in its price bracket is its range of motion. Users rave about the fact that you can easily go from a slow walking pace to a high-intensity running pace without putting any pressure on your joints. The handle bars, which are covered in a foam for your comfort, move in-sync with your feet to deliver you a smooth full upper and lower body workout, making this machine ideal for all fitness levels. While it is a basic machine, it does come with a five-function computer that will display your speed, distance, calories burned and time. This is a feature most value-priced machines simply do not offer. Gazelle Edge Digital Display Some of the best features of the Gazelle Edge include:

  • Non-skid foot platform that folds flat for easy storage
  • Easy-to-assemble and easy-to-use
  • Stable and durable design that offers users a comfortable platform for a low-impact session
  • Split suspension that provides users with a full range arc motion
  • 5-function computer system to track performance
  • Smooth and completely quiet operation for users in tight spaces
  • Great for users of all ages and fitness levels so it becomes a family-friendly piece of equipment.
  • Lightweight design makes for easy portability from room to room
  • Long handle bars allow for users to grip high or low based on height
  • High weight limit of 250 pounds makes the machine a good choice for most consumers
  • Instructions are clear and concise
  • Machine offers great features for its price point

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The Bad

There is only one minor drawback that comes to mind with the Edge and that is simply a flaw with how the machine is categorized. Gazelle claims that the machine is a elliptical cardio trainer, but in actuality the foot path travels in an arc motion making it more of an arc trainer. Other shortcomings to consider before choosing this machine over the rest include:

  • The machine offers no resistance at all so it does not challenge fitness enthusiasts
  • Cables that hold the foot pedals have been known to snap after prolonged use
  • Users have complained about slipping off of the pedals
  • Machine may start to squeak and WD40 and other lubricants do not stop the squeaking

The Verdict

Considering the above qualities of the Gazelle Edge, this in-home cardio trainer is a good investment for beginners or people who want to get in shape without hurting their joints. With a very small price tag, a sturdy construction and computer features to help you track your daily progress, this Gazelle machine developed by Tony Little may be all you need to drop the pounds and start healthier habits. One of the biggest selling points of the Edge is that it has a compact design that allows for easy portability. For homeowners with very little space to dedicate to fitness equipment, this flat folding feature stands out. Simultaneously work out your upper body and lower body on an arc motion model that sacrifices your knees and then you can work your way up to more challenging workouts on a machine that offers some form of resistance. For consumers who are realistic with their expectations, this home machine offers great value at a low price.

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