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Dymatize Nutrition Micronized Creatine

Dymatize Nutrition Micronized Creatine

Dymatize Nutrition Micronized Creatine is another in a long line of Dymatize powders that are designed to allow the user to build muscle with the aid of the supplements within. As can be found on Amazon.com for $18.98 overall or $8.63 per pound, this powder has a number of benefits that users of dietary supplements may find useful. Releasing onto the market in the summer of 2010, users will find that this creatine product comes with a few interesting features that may help to separate it from the pack, such as HPCL certification, 100 percent purity of the ingredients and the ability to act as an ATP Activator. Here’s a small look at what users can expect when purchasing this product and if it holds up under inspection.

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  • This creatine powder doesn’t have many side effects that can adversely affect a person’s body.
  • Consists of 100 percent creatine monohydrate.
  • Contains 2.2 pounds in one bottle, which is designed to last a long time.
  • The creatine monohydrate is completely pure and derived from animal free sources.
  • The powder, once dissolved, is relatively tasteless.
  • Allows users to build muscle tissue and improve their general athletic performance.

The Good

Dymatize Micronized Creatine Supplement FactsWhen considering the purchase of this Dymatize Creatine powder, there are actually a wide variety of positive aspects about the product that should help to weigh in its favor. For instance, the mere fact that it comes in a powder form is likely a benefit for most, particularly in comparison to typical creatine capsules. Powder can be dissolved within any type of drink, allowing it to be consumed relatively easy, while capsules can be quite rough to properly swallow. Though the effects of each may be similar, the experience while using them is vastly superior with this powder.


Users will also notice that the only ingredient found within the product is that of creatine monohydrate, meaning that it is 100 percent pure. This is a nice benefit, as the monohydrate being the only ingredient means that the effects of the substance aren’t lessened in any way before consumption. The micronized aspect of the product is also a fantastic addition, as this means that the powder is even smaller than usual, making it much easier to properly consume. The price is also a huge positive, due largely to the fact that many of its competitors have a higher price tag for the same amount of product.

Another positive aspect that should be mentioned is that the powder is practically tasteless. When using this powder, the effects are much quicker than some may be expecting, as users should be able to note very rapid muscle gains in a short period of time. It’s also easy to implement into your weight lifting or bodybuilding workout, as all it takes is a teaspoon or 2 every day to start feeling the effects in little to no time. As the tub size for this product is a vast 2.2 pounds, it should last users an extremely long time. No matter how much muscle a person is looking to build, its clear that this product includes the ingredients and general benefits that will allow users to build that muscle quickly and efficiently.

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The Bad

Despite the wealth of positive aspects associated with this product, there are a few negatives that potential buyers should keep in mind. While this product is advertised as being easy to dissolve before consumption, those claims don’t seem to be quite true. While this may not be a negative aspect for many potential buyers, as most creatine products don’t dissolve easily, it should be much simpler to dissolve the product in water than it currently is, particularly as one of its key benefits is its ease-of-use compared to creatine tablets.

The problem with dissolving when it comes to this product is also something that it lacks versus some of its competitors. While creatine is generally difficult to dissolve for anyone, there are a few similar powder products that have achieved a much better mixability. That being said, the creatine does mix better with other liquids than water, so it’s advisable to use another type of liquid if at all possible.

The Verdict

When considering the purchase of Dymatize Nutrition Micronized Creatine, it’s clear that this powder is one of the better creatine products on the market. The fact that it is 100 percent pure and is micronized for easier consumption is highly beneficial for anyone that is thinking of consuming the product on a daily basis. That doesn’t even cover the actual body improvements that can result from using Dymatize Creatine, which are extensive and easy to notice after a short time of consistent use of the product.

While MRM Creatine Powder may be a slightly better option for those that want the powder to dissolve more effectively, the price is nearly $2 more for the same amount of powder and essentially the same features and qualities, easily making Dymatize the better value per ounce. Though this product does have a couple of negatives, the good points, such as an inexpensive price and quick muscle gains, prove that the positives far outweigh the minor negatives.

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