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The Diamondback Fitness 510Sr Recumbent Exercise Bike is a mid-range piece of exercise equipment. The 510Sr offers an exceptional yet intense workout from a seated position. This bike incorporates a sculptured back rest and seat support. The comfortable 510Sr reduces the impact of jarring on the joints and relieves pressure from the back while providing an exceptionally effective aerobic exercise. This Diamondback Fitness bike offer several useful features that include 16 different levels of resistance, 20 workout programs, highly visible LCD display, adjustable console, and adjustable handlebar angles. The 510Sr also incorporates a media center with speakers. The ultra-quiet, noiseless operation is a result of the smooth and friction-free braking system. The 510Sr is backed by extensive warranties and received the “Head of the Class” award by The Fitness Professor Review. The Diamondback Fitness 510Sr was introduced in 2011 and is available for $799.00 on Amazon.

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  • Easy to Read LCD display
  • Real-Time Statistics
  • Keys for QuickSet Programming
  • Multi-speed Cooling Fan
  • Programs designed for target heart rate
  • Sensors on handgrips that monitor heart rate
  • Headphone Jack, mp3 connectivity, and speaker system
  • USB Ports and Media Bay
  • Water Bottle and Bottle Holder
  • Adjustable Magazine Rack

The Good

Diamondback Fitness 510Sr LCD DisplayThe Diamondback 510Sr provides multiple exercise benefits. This exercise bike has several impressive features. One of the more impressive features is the 16 different resistance levels and 20 workout programs.

The bike is preloaded with an excellent selection of programmed workout routines. These workouts are designed to reproduce various types of cycling conditions. Moreover, the preloaded workouts help users expand their workout routine. Preprogrammed routines include fat-burning programs, strength programs, hill-climbing programs, and interval programs. There are also multiple programs that are useful for adjusting resistance levels. These programs use sensors in the handlebars that monitor heart rate and adjust resistance accordingly. It is important to add that there is a manual push-button control on the console that can control pedal resistance. The 16 different levels of resistance make customizing a workout an easy and straightforward process. Unlike many other exercise bikes, the 510Sr uses a frictionless eddy braking system. This system reacts instantly to adjustments in resistance without a noticeable lag or disconnection between levels.

The design of the 510Sr is equally impressive. This bike is designed with an effortless step-through design and a large, informative display. The step-through design is valuable for users with mobility issues. Additionally, physical therapists and doctors recommend this bike for users with injuries. In order to ride the bike, there is no need to lift the legs or perform an awkward movement. Simply step-through and sit on the saddle. It is important to add that the LCD screen and display is remarkable. The display is useful for tracking and monitoring multiple statistics in real-time. Statistics include distance traveled, heart rate, total exercise time, speed, and calorie count. The display and console also incorporate a fully integrated speaker system. The media bay, where the speakers are located, includes an audio jack and a space for personal music devices.

The 510Sr offers a considerably valuable warranty. This warranty ranks among the best within the fitness bike market. Owners of the 510Sr bike receive a lifetime warranty on both the braking system and the frame. There is also a one year warranty on the labor and a three-year warranty on the mechanical and electronic parts. Items such as the pedal straps and seat support are only insured for a 90 day period.

The seat support is also an impressive feature of the 510Sr. The seat support is extremely comfortable and generously cushioned. Moreover, the support is created using a non-stick mesh material. Other exercise bikes use vinyl seats that create a sweatier and stickier workout. The 510Sr has a perforated mesh support that promotes airflow and keeps the user cool. The seat support also incorporates an adjustable up-down capability. This feature helps users of different sizes match the seat with their individual height.

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The Bad

Although there are not many drawbacks to the Diamondback 510Sr, there are a few that some users find noteworthy. One of the major complaints with the 510Sr is the statistics tracking feature. Many users suggest that the statistics list should be capable of tracking exercise statistics over an extended period of time. The bike offers useful real-time statistics for every individual workouts; however, the user has to manually log them in for tracking and monitoring performance over time. There are other bikes on the market, like the the Schwinn 250 Recumbent Bike, that include this type of workout information automatically using on-board software.

Users also complain about the backlight on the LCD display. Although the display is large and informative, users complain the monitor is not bright enough for reading in poor lightning conditions. However, this is not an issue while exercising in an area with suitable lightning. In some cases, users complain about the assembly of the bike. The instructions are clear-cut; however the assembly process is time-consuming and somewhat challenging.

The Verdict

Diamondback 510Sr Bike AdjustmentsThe Diamondback Fitness 510Sr is an impressive exercise bike. This recumbent bike incorporates solid construction and a sleek design. Unlike other expensive exercise bikes, the 510Sr uses high-quality parts that don’t require an expensive price tag. Recumbent bikes like the Diamondback 910Sr and the Sole Fitness LCR offer improved technology and innovative features. However, these bikes are considerably more expensive and require increased exercise space. The 510Sr is a quality Diamondback model that not only meets expectations but exceeds them.

Many users classify this bike as an entry level bike. However, the advanced features and quality design is comparable to higher end models. More importantly, the warranty is appropriate for a model that is more expensive such as the 910Sr or the Lifecore LC850RB. Diamondback offers a quality exercise bike that incorporates some useful features and a solid design. Overall, The Diamondback Fitness 510Sr is an ideal exercise bike for the casual user or the fitness fanatic.

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