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Best Treadmill Desks in 2017: Comparison and Reviews

By Tory Reiss / July 13, 2016
LifeSpan TR1200-DT3 Standing Desk Treadmill

Best Desk Treadmill ReviewsWant to build your home gym but not sure where to start? Try our Home Gym equipment guide

Many individuals find it difficult to balance their daily work life with staying active and healthy. Working 40 or more hours each week does not allow you much time outside of the office to go to the gym. If you struggle with this balance, then purchasing a treadmill desk might be a simple solution. Desk treadmills offer users a great way to burn calories while still maintaining productivity in the workplace. The purpose of this article is to outline the reasons to purchase this type of equipment, to discuss several pre-purchase considerations that should be made, and to compare the best desk treadmills on the market.

Comparison: Top Rated Treadmill Desk Reviews of 2016

TreadmillFull ReviewWalking SurfaceWeightCapacityWarrantyMax SpeedMotorPriceDesk IncludedRating
LifeSpan TR1200-DT3
LifeSpan TR1200-DT3

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20 W x 56 L131 lbs.350 lbs.2 Year Parts & 1 Year Labor4 MPH2.25 CHP$$No4.3 / 5
LifeSpan TR1200-DT5
LifeSpan TR1200-DT5

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20 W x 56 L198 lbs.350 lbs.2 Year Parts & 1 Year Labor4 MPH2.25 CHP$$$Yes4.4 / 5
LifeSpan TR1200-DT7
LifeSpan TR1200-DT7

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20 W x 56 L230 lbs.350 lbs.2 Year Parts & 1 Year Labor4 MPH2.25 CHP$$$$Yes4.7 / 5
LifeSpan TR800-DT5
LifeSpan TR800-DT5

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18 W x 52 L230 lbs.300 lbs.1 Year Parts & Labor4 MPH2.0 CHP$$Yes4.2/ 5
LifeSpan TR800-DT7
LifeSpan TR800-DT7

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18 W x 52 L250 lbs.300 lbs.1 Year Parts & Labor4 MPH2.0 CHP$$$Yes4.4 / 5
Exerpeutic 2000 WorkFit
Exerpeutic 2000 WorkFit

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20 W x 40 L167 lbs.400 lbs.5 Year Motor & Lifetime Frame4 MPH1.5 CHP$Yes4.0 / 5
Rebel Treadmill 1000
Rebel Treadmill 1000

Read Full Review
24 W x 64 L88 lbs.250 lbs.1 Year Parts & Labor2 MPH1.5 CHP$No4.8 / 5

Why Buy a Desk Treadmill

  • Convenience

Combining a treadmill with your work desk is convenient on many levels. First, you will be able to get a cardiovascular workout in while tending to your daily office business. While many individuals would have to drive to the gym or sacrifice their lunch to workout, a treadmill desk would allow you to use that time for other purposes.

  • Ability to Multi-task

Operating a Treadmill DeskIn addition to convenience, purchasing a desk treadmill will allow you to multi-task while exercising. The speeds on these machines are low enough to allow you to type, read, or write with minimal interruption while walking. You can encourage fellow employees to live a healthy lifestyle by holding meetings or conducting phone conferences while walking at your treadmill desk. The possibilities are endless with this versatile piece of exercise equipment.

  • Healthy Living

Even though you are going slowly, you are still burning a lot of calories with this machine! Each hour that you walk at an average pace (1.0 mile per hour) on a treadmill desk you are burning 150-200 calories. That translates to almost 1600 calories over an average work day! Healthy living starts by incorporating changes into every part of your lifestyle, and this desk will allow you to burn at least an extra pound each week when combined with a healthy diet.

  • Time Management

Whether you are single, married, with or without children, time management is a struggle for every working individual. Spend the precious hours that you are outside of work enjoying time with your family instead of slaving away at the local gym. You can get your workout in efficiently with a treadmill desk so that you can get on with your life after walking out of the office.

Pre-Purchase Considerations

There are many things to consider before purchasing a desk treadmill. Since you will likely be investing several hundred dollars into this piece of equipment, you should do extensive research before making your final decision. Thinking about items like size, cost, and type of desk are just a few of the considerations that you should make before finalizing this investment.


The size of the desk treadmill should be one of the first considerations that you have when researching this type of equipment. Make sure to measure your office space so that you know exactly how much room you have to work with when you start looking at desks. In addition to ensuring that your desk will fit in your office space, you also want to make sure that the treadmill belt is long enough to fit your stride. If you are purchasing a desk to fit over an existing treadmill, make sure that your existing piece of equipment is the right size for the desk to properly fit in place. As you can see, there are many size considerations that you should think about before you purchase a desk treadmill.


Cost is a huge factor in determining which piece of equipment that you will purchase. Desk treadmills range in price from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars, depending on the type of machine you are after. Some of the options are a desk to fit over an existing treadmill, a simple walking platform that you can position under a traditional desk, or a combination model that features both a treadmill and desk portion. Whatever option you choose will be a significant financial investment, so make sure to set your budget prior to making your final decision.

Integrated or Stand Alone

As mentioned above, there are several options for desk treadmills that you can choose from. An integrated desk treadmill features both a walking belt and desk surface attached together in one unit. Conversely, a standalone variety is simply the walking belt that can be placed under any desk. In addition, you can even choose a standalone desk that fits over an existing treadmill that you may have. There are pros and cons to each of these types. An integrated machine will fit together better making your work life easier, though it might not offer all of the desk space that you may need. A standalone treadmill belt is a space saving solution, but might not provide a belt length that is long enough for your stride. A stand alone desk would allow you to use an existing treadmill that you are familiar with, but might be too bulky to fit in a traditional office space. Make sure to consider these options when researching which type of desk you want.

Noise Level

It is imperative that you try out all treadmill desks before purchasing one for your office. You need to make sure that the noise level of the machine does not interfere with your daily work life. Imagine holding meetings, being on the phone, or engaging in professional conversations while on this piece of equipment. If you cannot foresee this being a possibility due to the noise, make sure to move on to other options.

Walking Area

Determining the amount of space that you need to comfortably walk on a treadmill is another important consideration to make before making your purchase. If you purchase a treadmill with too little walking area, it will be uncomfortable and potentially dangerous to use. On the other hand, purchasing a piece of equipment that is too long will take up unnecessary space in your office. Most treadmill belts are between 52-56 inches long, but you may need a belt that is longer than average. Test each treadmill for its walking area by walking for at least two to three minutes on each one at your natural pace. If you feel that your heels are hitting the edge of the belt, it is too short for your stride.

Desktop Size

Adjust Desl HeightRemember that part of the reason that you are purchasing a desk treadmill is so that you can get work done while you are maintaining a healthy lifestyle. If you are purchasing an integrated treadmill and the desktop size is too small, it won’t be useful to you while at work. Measure your current desk and take those measurements with you when considering desk treadmills. This should be the same process if you are considering a standalone desktop to fit over an existing treadmill. With this type of purchase, however, you should also make sure that the desk fits comfortably over the treadmill and also fits in your office space. Measure the area twice and make sure to write everything down! When you get to the store, ask for the specs of the machine before proceeding to other questions.

iPod and USB Integration

Consider if you wish to have the technology in your desk treadmill that would allow you to connect your iPod or download your workouts via USB drive. This can be convenient, especially if you are tracking your workout progress, but may add to the cost of your machine. If this is something that you desire, make sure to ask the salesperson about machines that are compatible with this type of technology.

Assembly Difficulty

Depending on the type of treadmill desk that you choose, assembly should be minimal to virtually non-existent. A stand alone treadmill base should come pre-assembled or should require minimal time to construct. An integrated desk treadmill or a standalone desk to fit over an existing treadmill may require more effort. Whatever the case, there should be clear instructions provided and a list of materials that you need to provide. You should feel confident in assembling this piece on your own before making the purchase. If not, ask the salesperson if the store can assemble the piece for you. It would be an extra charge but might be worth the investment in the long run.


Finally, make sure to consider the type of warranty that is offered on your desk treadmill before finalizing your purchase. There should be at least a one year manufacturer’s warranty that includes parts and labor if there is a malfunction. If there is no warranty with your desired product, consider purchasing a different model. Some companies will ask if you want to purchase an extra warranty. This is a consideration that you will have to make depending on your budget and faith in the included warranty. If you suspect that you will be hard on this machine, it might make smart financial sense to purchase the extra warranty in case of unintentional damage.

Best Desk Treadmills

After you thoroughly research all of these pre-purchase considerations, it is time to pick the best desk treadmill for you to use in your office. There are several popular brands of desk treadmills on the market today, each with various features, advantages and drawbacks that separate them from the rest of their competition.

LifeSpan TR1200-DT3 Standing Desk Treadmill

LifeSpan TR1200-DT3 Standing Desk TreadmillFeatures: This stand alone treadmill base offers many features that make it a good contender for your treadmill desk purchase. Some of these features include Bluetooth capability, a speed range from .4 mph- 4.0 mph, and an eight foot cord that runs from the treadmill to the console. Additionally, this treadmill, priced at $999, has a six inch step up height and comes with a 56 inch long walking surface.

Pros: There are many reasons that this treadmill is considered one of the best desk treadmills on the market. First, its Intelli-Guard features automatically stop the treadmill if you step off of the machine. This greatly increases the safety of using this machine on a daily basis. In addition, it has a very small console that can be positioned in an out of the way location on your desk so as not to disrupt your work. Finally, an advantage to this type of treadmill desk is the fact that an online LifeSpan Fitness Club membership is included with your purchase. This allows you to track your health progress online and set future fitness goals.

Cons: Though there are several advantages to this machine, there are a few drawbacks that are worth mentioning. Some customers have mentioned that the treadmill beeps when starting, stopping, or increasing in speed. This can be a nuisance if you are in a meeting or professional conversation and are interrupted by the noise. Additionally, some customers have noted that it takes awhile to adjust the speed of the treadmill, since the speed increments are designed to be so small.

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LifeSpan TR1200-DT5 Treadmill Desk

LifeSpan TR1200-DT5Features: This fully integrated treadmill desk combines both a walking base and a work surface into one convenient machine. Priced at $1499, it features a 46.5″ x 31″ workspace, a belt that is 20″ x 56″, and includes 16 inches of adjustable height. In addition, this treadmill desk contains Intelli-guard safety, stopping the treadmill when it’s not in use. A final feature that makes this treadmill desk stand out is its speed range from .4mph-4.0mph, which is considered to be the optimal range of speed for working while you walk.

Pros: Some of the benefits to owning this treadmill include its height adjustment, workout feedback, and warranty. First, the height adjustment allows this machine to be comfortably used if your height is between 4’8″ tall and 6’8″ tall. That is a huge range that will allow a wide variety of individuals to benefit from this piece of equipment. Additionally, the treadmill desk provides specific workout feedback to you including distance traveled, calories burned, and overall step count. Finally, the LifeSpan TR1200-DT5 has an incredible warranty that includes a lifetime warranty on the frame, three year warranty on the motor, two year warranty on parts, and one year warranty on labor.

Cons: There have been a few people that have mentioned a slight squeaking noise when this treadmill is used heavily. Additionally, some users have commented that the statistic tracking software that LifeSpan uses to export your stats to a computer is flawed and mildly frustrating. For both of these issues it would be wise to contact customer service at the first sign of problems to ensure that your repairs are covered by the warranty, if needed.

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LifeSpan Fitness TR1200-DT7 Desktop Treadmill

LifeSpan TR1200-DT7 Desktop TreadmillFeatures: The LifeSpan TR1200-DT7 desktop treadmill is to the same high quality as the rest of LifeSpan’s products, but with a few added features. This Bluetooth enabled treadmill desk features an automatic desk lift, a 56″ walking belt, and a 6″ step up height. Its 1″ thick composite desk is conveniently positioned with optimal space for you to complete all of your daily tasks while simultaneously maintaining your health.

Pros: There are many advantages to owning the TR1200-DT7 from LifeSpan. First, its Bluetooth technology allows you to wirelessly transfer data from your treadmill to your computer for record keeping. You no longer have to hook your console up to your computer via a cumbersome cable. Also, the electronic desk adjustment makes adjusting the height of your desk as simple as the touch of a button. Finally, the easy access console is positioned out of the way to optimize the amount of work space you have on your desk.

Cons: The disadvantages of this product center on its overall price and weight. The price of this product is listed at $1999, which is a significant investment for most individuals. If you are considering this purchase make sure that it is within your budget so that it is not a burden for your family. Additionally, the treadmill on this machine weighs 130 pounds and the desk weighs approximately the same, making the overall weight of this item around 260 pounds. That weight might make this product difficult to move if needed.

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LifeSpan Fitness TR800-DT5 Treadmill Desktop

LifeSpan Fitness TR800-DT5 Features: This treadmill features a standalone belt and desk that combine to equal a great workout while being productive at the office. It also features a 52″ walking belt, 46″ x 31.5″ workspace, and has a 300 pound user maximum weight. It is Bluetooth enabled and wirelessly downloads the data from your workout to your computer.

Pros: Though the features of this treadmill are similar to other LifeSpan models, there are a few advantages that this treadmill desk has over the others. First, because it come in two separate pieces it is easier to move and assemble than integrated varieties. Also, walking on the treadmill is less likely to vibrate the desk due to them not being attached together. Furthermore, the manual desktop height adjustment fits users between 4’10” and 6’8″, which is a huge span of heights.

Cons: Though the Intelli-step protection is there for your safety, some users would prefer the treadmill to keep in motion even when they step off for a moment. Another possible disadvantage to this product is that the overall product weight (almost 200 pounds) makes it difficult to move to an upstairs location if desired.

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LifeSpan Fitness TR800-DT7 Desktop Treadmill

LifeSpan Fitness TR800-DT7 Features: The final LifeSpan treadmill desk that is part of this review is the TR800-DT7. Priced at $1799 this treadmill desk features electronic height adjustment, Bluetooth capability, and multiple user settings.

Pros: As with similar LifeSpan models, the pros to this product center on the fact that the height adjustment is very simple due to the fact that it’s electronic. You can also save your user settings so that the treadmill knows the height to adjust the desk to depending on who is walking. In addition, the Bluetooth capability allows you to wirelessly and effortlessly transfer data to your computer to track your fitness progress.

Cons: One of the cons of this product is simply the fact that it is hard to find information listed about it. No user reviews have been made, which leaves you in the dark about its potential quirks or downfalls. Additionally, it is classified as a “light use” treadmill desk which infers that it is not suitable for heavy amounts of walking. Choose a sturdier LifeSpan model if this is your desire.

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Exerpeutic 2000 WorkFit High Capacity Desk Station Treadmill

Exerpeutic 2000 WorkFit High Capacity Desk Station TreadmillFeatures: This treadmill desk features a 48″ by 24″ workspace, incline adjustment from 0-15%, and extra long safety handles. In addition, it features a fold down desk for convenient storage and a metal reading stand that is compatible with Kindles, iPods, or other tablets.

Pros: This product is extremely affordable at $666. Priced at almost $1000 dollars cheaper than competing models, it is an investment that won’t break the bank. It also has a weight capacity of up to 400 pounds, which is significantly greater than competitive treadmill desks.

Cons: One disadvantage to this treadmill is that customers have noted that several pieces came damaged in the box. Another disadvantage to this type of treadmill desk centers on the fact that the desk height is not adjustable. This might be a problem if you don’t fit into the average height range that Exerpeutic has accommodated for in building this machine.

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Rebel Treadmill 1000

Rebel Treadmill 1000Features: This stand alone treadmill base can be used with any standing desk to give users the ultimate workplace workout. It features a 250 pound weight capacity, sleek design that looks professional, and 30 day money back guarantee.

Pros: The treadmill arrives fully assembled, which is a huge advantage over other models. In addition, it is an affordable model that is priced at $649. This is significantly less than integrated treadmill desks and also is comparably lower than other stand alone bases.

Cons: One of the cons to this product is the fact that the walking surface of the treadmill is only 49.6″. This might not be long enough if you are above average height or have a long stride. Additionally, the 250 pound weight capacity might not be enough for heavier individuals.

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TrekDesk Treadmill Desk

TrekDesk Treadmill DeskFeatures: The TrekDesk features a standalone desk that fits over most standard treadmills. This product will encourage you to walk slowly while conducting daily business in an office setting. With a workspace area of 72 inches x 34 inches, there is ample room for office documents, a laptop, and other essentials. In addition, this desk can support up to 55 pounds of weight and has legs that will adjust to a variety of heights.

Pros: There are several advantages to purchasing this type of treadmill desk. First, the TrekDesk treadmill desk allows users to utilize this piece of equipment on a variety of treadmills. It easily folds for simple transportation and can be positioned above most treadmills in just a few minutes. Because of this, you would be able to move this piece of equipment from the home to the office relatively easily. Additionally, the price is perhaps one of the greatest advantages to purchasing this type of treadmill desk. Without the attached belt, the price is significantly lower than if you were to purchase a fully integrated model. Priced at a reasonable $479, this accessory is an affordable solution to your office needs. Finally, many individuals vary greatly in height, and the TrekDesk is designed to accommodate many different sizes. With legs that adjust to fit a person between five feet four inches and six feet four inches tall, there is a great probability that you will be able to adjust this desk to your perfect height.

Cons: Some individuals have noted that the TrekDesk has a slight wobble when in use, making it difficult to write neatly while walking at a slow speed. Make sure that all of the adjustment knobs are properly tightened to lessen the probability of this annoyance. Additionally, there have been a few complaints about the clarity of the assembly instructions. Make sure to call customer service with any assembly questions to ensure that you are putting your desk together correctly and safely.

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The Verdict

In conclusion, purchasing a desk treadmill is an investment that can lead to a healthier way of living even if you spend most of your time at the office. By combining work with work outs, you will be able to walk out of the office at the end of the day feeling accomplished and efficient.

It is important to do thorough research when considering a treadmill desk. Make sure to consider factors such as noise, cost, and workspace as well as whether an integrated or stand alone model is right for you. Investing in this type of equipment will change your work environment for the better and will leave you healthier, happier, and more productive on a daily basis.

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