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CycleOps is a company that is dedicated to provide trainers designed for cycling athletes to continue their work outs in the off months. A trainer is a piece of equipment that makes it possible to ride an outdoor bike while it remains stationary indoors. These products are essential to avid cyclists who don’t want to lose their performance ability in periods of unfavorable weather. CycleOps features a wide variety of trainers and other indoor cycling equipment to allow even the most avid cyclist to increase performance when unable to be outside.

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  • Warranty: There aren’t many products on the market that can boast a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty, but CycleOps does just that. Purchase products from this company without fear of them breaking, because if they do they will be replaced or repaired at no cost to you.
  • Easy Storage: CycleOps trainers fold for easy storage, which makes them much more convenient to have in the home. Use this machine daily and simply tuck it away in an out of the way corner for the next time.
  • Road-like Feel: There are many trainers or indoor cycles out there that do not simulate the feel of the road well. CycleOps is determined to break that mold. By increasing the amount of resistance that is felt when pedaling along with creating a larger flywheel to increase inertia, users will feel as if they are on the road when using these products.


  • Noise: Some individuals commented that this trainer makes a significant amount of noise when in use. Individuals who purchase this product should make sure that they are using it in an area that won’t disturb others.
  • Price: Though this trainer is considered one of the highest quality that an athlete can buy, the price is more than double that of its competition. This might make the trainer less accessible for the average individual.

CycleOps Trainer Reviews

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