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Best Creatine Supplements of 2017: Comparison and Reviews

By Tory Reiss / August 2, 2014
Best Creatine Supplement Reviews

Best Creatine Supplement Reviews

This guide will help you choose the best creatine supplement for your needs and teach you everything you need to know about successful supplementation.

Creatine is an organic compound that is produced naturally within the body. This compound is also found in fish and meat. Creatine helps enhance muscle capacity and can improve strength by providing energy to nerve cells and muscles. Creatine is commonly known as a nitrogenous organic acid. This compound is created in the liver and helps provide energy to cells throughout the body. The “muscle” cells are typically the most important for users of creatine. It is made of three different amino acids that include methionine, arginine, and glycine. The compound’s ability to supply energy to specific cells is an ideal feature for users that desire to train with more intensity, improve performance, strength, and produce energy rapidly.

prComparison Chart: Top 10 Best Creatine Supplements of 2016

CreatineFull ReviewCreatine TypeCreatine per Serving (mg)Calories Per ServingCarbs per serving (g)PriceRating
Arnold Iron CRE3
Arnold Iron CRE3

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Nitrate1000mg5 cals1g$4.2 / 5
Beast Sports Nutrition Creature
Beast Sports Nutrition Creature

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Monohydrate, Buffered, Magnesium Chelate, Anhydrous3025mg5 cals2g$$$4.4 / 5
Body Fortress Super Advanced Creatine HP
Body Fortress Super Advanced Creatine HP

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Monohydrate, Ester Phosphate, Ethyl Ester6119mg150 cals33g$4.1/ 5
Dymatize Nutrition Micronized Creatine
Dymatize Nutrition Micronized Creatine

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Monohydrate5000mg0 cals0g$$4.2 / 5
Musclepharm Creatine
Musclepharm Creatine

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Monohydrate, AAB, Malate, Nitrate, HCL5000mg0 cals0g$4.5/ 5
NOW Foods Creatine Powder
NOW Foods Creatine Powder

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Monohydrate5000mg0 cals0g$$4.3/ 5
Optimum Nutrition Creatine
Optimum Nutrition Creatine

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Monohydrate5000mg0 cals0g$4.7/ 5
Promera CON-CRET
Promera CON-CRET

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HCL750mg0 cals0g$$$4.6 / 5
RSP Nutrition CreAde
Six Star Pro Nutrition Elite Series

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Monohydrate, Malate, Chelate, Pyruvate4000mg0 cals0g$$$4.0 / 5
Universal Nutrition Creatine
Universal Nutrition Creatine

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Monohydrate5000mg18 cals4g$$4.8 / 5

How does creatine work?

Creatine travels to the heart, muscles, and cells within the body via the blood stream. However, in some cases, a portion of the creatine may be kept in skeletal muscle.

After creatine is consumed and enters the muscle cells, the compound is transformed into a substance known as creatine phosphate. This substance is used to produce short, but useful, bursts of energy during physical activities such as sports and strength training. Creatine phosphate helps replenish the body’s ATP reserves. ATP is short for Adenosine Triphosphate and this is the fuel that provides the energy needed during muscular contractions.

Therefore, any activity that relies on short bursts of energy will require ATP. This is why creatine is useful. ATP reserves need replenishment after the initial 5 to 10 seconds of muscle contraction. In most cases, ATP is used as the main fuel source to muscles and can lasts around 10 seconds.

What are the benefits?

Although creatine is used by athletes and trainers to improve strength and performance; the compound is also used to help treat a variety of neurodegenerative problems and neuromuscular disorders. These disorders can include congestive heart failure, arthritis, depression, and Parkinson’s disease. In some instances, creatine can help improve cognitive ability as well.

What are the types?

There are several types of creatine. The most well-known consist of :

  • Monohydrate
  • Ethyl Ester
  • Tri-Creatine Malate
  • Buffered Creatine
  • Micronized Creatine
  • Liquid Creatine
  • Conjugated

What is the best form to take?

Currently, there is not a “best” form of creatine to take. Many suggest that Monohydrate is the most effective option; however, there is no research to suggest this is best available option. There are a few newer forms of creatine such as creatine nitrate and HCl that appear to be more water soluble; however, these options are not proven to be more effective than Monohydrate at improving muscle.

More importantly, Monohydrate is generally ‘micronized’ which aids with water solubility. This option is also highly recommended for being considerably less expensive than other forms that claim to be more effective.

Creatine Supplement Reviews (Scroll down for the full Buying Guide)

Optimum Nutrition Creatine Powder

Optimum Nutrition Creatine ReviewThis dietary supplement offers 5g of creatine monohydrate in each teaspoon serving. Optimum Nutrition has a patented production process that is used to create an odorless and tasteless powder that easily mixes into most liquids. Juice and water are highly recommended for mixing. These liquids allow the powder to mix thoroughly and not simply settle on the bottom. In most cases, the gritty texture and taste associated with other powders is not present with Optimum Creatine. The Optimum Creatine Powder is packaged and created in an in-house manufacturing facility that follows Good Manufacturing Practices.

Optimum Creatine Powder is made using pure CreaPure brand Creatine. The powder has the following benefits:

  • Increases power and muscle strength
  • During high-intensity workouts, the powder helps improve performance
  • Increases recovery and energy levels
  • Minimizes breakdown of proteins and starts enhancing energy reserves

By the way – Did you know that there is a tea with protein called Moringa?

Although the creatine powder is available in a tasteless and odorless form; the product has a few other delicious flavors. This is an excellent powder that is reasonably priced. One of the major benefits of using this supplement powder is it dissolves in water easily after only a couple of stirs or shakes. There are not many disadvantages of using this Optimum Nutrition product. This creatine powder offers noticeable gains and is competitively priced. Many users highly recommend this product and absolutely enjoy taking it. Many users have no negative comments about this creatine; however, a few complaints claim the chocolate flavor has a lasting after taste. Some users claim this flavor’s after taste is terrible and somewhat overwhelming. Another advantage is Optimum Nutrition offers a powder that does not require cycling or loading. Many users recommend this product for beginners as well as professionals and athletes.

The Optimum creatine powder does not leave the user feeling sick or nauseous. Moreover, the powder has an excellent reputation and offers quality gains when used properly. Overall, Optimum Nutrition Creatine Powder is an excellent product that is affordable on any budget.

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MusclePharm Creatine

MusclePharm Creatine ReviewMusclePharm offers a creatine powder that has several benefits. One of the main benefits of this creatine, over other similar products, is the fact that the powder does not require a loading phase. Normally, the labels on creatine supplements suggest increasing the first week dose up to 20g. This process is considered loading and the MusclePharm creatine label does not display this recommendation. The manufacturers of this product claim that this MusclePharm product is the best form of creatine on the market. The manufactures believe this supplement is absorbed by the body so quickly that a loading phase is not required.

MusclePharm offers a creatine powder that promotes endurance, strength, and power. There are currently 5 excellent blends available. Although the product is available over-the-counter, this MP creatine has pharmaceutical quality. The powder’s label recommends that the user demand more from the body and more from the product. One benefit of this product is the creatine increases strength and enhances uptake. The MP creatine is clinically proven to include Cinnulin. This is an extract of cinnamon that improves absorption. The five distinct and pure blends deliver a variety of benefits to the muscles and the cells.

MusclePharm Creatine offers the following benefits;

  • Increases explosive energy
  • Improves power, recovery, and strength
  • Offers additional muscle growth, stamina, and muscle fuel
  • Increases ATP energy

MusclePharm offers a great creatine powder that is relatively inexpensive. This creatine does not create the bloating and stomach issues associated with other powders on the market. Many users recommend the unflavored option. This option can be mixed easily into protein shakes. For many users, this convenience means there is one less product to drink on training days. MusclePharm offers a quality energy boost when taken before and after workouts. Some trainers suggest there is also a quality energy boost when taken in the morning on rest days. Although the taste is slightly bitter, after mixing the powder with another liquid it tastes significantly better. The unflavored taste can be a benefit when adding the powder to ordinary water. One drawback to using this creatine powder is the fact that it does not blend well with most liquids. The powder does dissolve after a while; however, in some cases, extra liquid is required after drinking the mixture in order to get all of the powder off the bottom of the container. Another disadvantage some users claim about this monohydrate is that the product leaves a sour feeling in the stomach when used prior to a workout.

One of the main advantages of the powder is it does not require a loading phase. A cycling phase is not a requirement for taking this powder either. This is an added convenience when the user is considering transitioning off the product. Although this product has several drawbacks; many users would still recommend this brand. MusclePharm offers a quality product that is inexpensively priced. In some areas, MusclePharm Creatine does not offer all of the benefits of other products; however, it is from a reputable company. More importantly, the creatine offers quality results. Overall, the MusclePharm Creatine powder is a useful product for a reasonable price.

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NOW Foods Creatine

NOW Foods Creatine ReviewNOW Foods provides a creatine powder that does not necessarily have a distinct odor or taste. In most cases, the taste of the powder will depend solely on what type of liquid it’s mixed with. Some users claim that the NOW Creatine powder does not blend well with certain kinds of juice. Many users experiment with different liquids to find a desirable mixture. In some liquids, the texture and taste of the powder is gritty. This is a texture that many users find overwhelming. However, mixing the product with sweeter juice or a juice with pulp is a method to make the mixture more palatable.

For some users, digesting this supplement powder is a difficult task. This may be the reason some users are deterred from trying different products. However, the NOW Foods Creatine Powder does not include egg, wheat, milk, or gluten products that could cause cramping, bloating, upset stomach, or gas. This is an all-natural powder that does not offer any adverse effects. Many users recommend trying this powder in order to reap the benefits of creatine without serious side effects caused by “ghost” ingredients. Other creatine options on the market may contain creatine as the active ingredient, but there are a host of others ingredients that can have damaging effects.

Overall, this monohydrate powder is an excellent product with several benefits. The NOW Foods powder blends easily with any liquid and does not leave a gritty substance on the bottom of the container. Although the powder fully dissolves; some users suggests it takes quite a bit of time. This creatine monohydrate is in an inexpensive price range. This reasonably priced product works great and offer quality results. The only disadvantage is the consistent stirring and shaking required to reduce grit when mixed with certain liquids. This is most noticeable when the powder is mixed with a protein shake. Benefits of NOW Foods Creatine Powder include:

  • 100% Pure and All-Natural Powder
  • Energizes ATP
  • Considered a vegetarian product
  • Does not include preservatives, yeast, milk, wheat, additives, or corn
  • Excellent dietary supplement

The NOW Foods Creatine Powder is a product that can offer additional energy when working out and help build muscle mass. The creatine powder is 100% pure and all-natural, without preservatives or additional additives. This product offers a useful boost for reaching goals in any training regimen, sport, or physical activity. NOW Foods is also useful for reducing body fat. Overall, the NOW Foods Creatine Powder is ideal for replacing body fat with muscle. This product enhances strength and improves endurance. This is a quality product for any trainer, professional, or athlete.

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Body Fortress Super Advanced Creatine HP

Body Fortress Super Advanced Creatine ReviewBody Fortress offers the Super Advanced Creatine powder that raises the bar for all creatine powders. The Super Advanced Powder offers three distinct blends that include a BCAA Nitro Blend, the Triple Creatine Matrix Blend, and the NOS Xtreme Blend. The Super Advanced Creatine Powder is filled with Arginine, electrolytes, Chromium, rapidly digesting carbohydrates, and Amino Acids. These ingredients are essential for improving performance and increasing strength. The carbs help the body produce insulin which improves how the creatine is transported into the muscles. This can help the body maximize creatine storage and improve recovery and strength. The results of this premium monohydrate powder are:

  • Increased strength and power
  • Faster Creatine delivery
  • Improved cell volume

Although the taste is not as favorable as other products on the market, it is not disgusting either. Some users claim the name of fruit punch on the label is misleading. The Super Advanced Creatine powder offers quality gains and an added convenience in creatine delivery. A few disadvantages of the product include side-effects and adverse reactions. The powder has Blue No. 01 which can create allergic reactions in users with asthma. There are also other reactions to Blue No. 01 that include wheezing, eczema, sneezing, hives, dry eyes, and puffy eyes. The powder also includes an ingredient known as Red 40. This is a food dye that is commonly recognized as a carcinogen. The Super Advanced Creatine Powder includes artificial flavors and several other additives. There is also a significant amount of sugar in the product that is comparable to a can of soda. Some users have cycled off this powder and do not plan to go back on.

One advantage of the Super Advanced powder is it is a very strong product that provides good support and quality gains. Some users recommend taking the product before and after working out for better results. This supplement provides some good pumps and extended energy. Aside from the few disadvantages, the powder works considerably well.

Overall, the Super Advance has some useful benefits; however, the disadvantages are apparent as well. The powder does not blend with water and takes a while to dissolve. Many users complain that after 10 minutes of shaking and stirring, the powder still collects on the bottom of the container. In some cases, the powder will just float around in the water. This product has a few advantages, but the disadvantages are high as well. Super Advanced Creatine offers some quality gains, but there can be a few unfavorable side effects.

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Dymatize Nutrition Micronized Creatine

Dymatize Nutrition Micronized Creatine ReviewDymatize Micronized Creatine is 100% pure. This product uses no fillers, additives, or preservatives and the only ingredient is pure creatine monohydrate. This creatine monohydrate helps improve muscles and strength performance during high intensity workouts. These workouts can include anaerobic, aerobic, weight training, and general exercise. This product incorporates only the finest quality and purest creatine on the market. Dymatize also provides impressive results in recovery and energy production.

Dymatize ensures proper dispersion with this creatine monohydrate by processing the product with 180 microns. It is important to add that this is one of few creatine products that is packaged in a transparent container. This allows the user to literally see how fine the creatine powder is.

This powder is manufactured and produced using the most sophisticated techniques and processes. The creatine offers benefits that include:

  • Includes a muscle hydrator
  • Increases cell volume
  • Rapidly activates ATP

Dymatize provides a creatine powder that is created from natural sources. The product uses 100% pure creatine monohydrate and incorporates only animal free sources. Every batch of the creatine is analyzed and manufactured to be 100% pure. The Dymatize Creatine is tasteless and odorless. This product is marketed as one of the most effective ways to use creatine as a dietary supplement.

This creatine product is useful, offers great taste, provides quality results, and is reasonably priced. Dymatize Creatine includes a good BCAA profile and is highly recommend as the creatine of choice for professionals and athletes. This product has the lowest calorie per serving of any other product in its price range. Dymatize offers several delicious flavors that include chocolate, butter cream, and vanilla. Some users claim creatine powder can make protein shakes creamy; however, this is not an issue with this product. Dymatize Creatine blends nicely with other liquids and the fine texture dissolves well. The powder does require consistent stirring and shaking in order to completely dissolve. In some cases, additional water is required to get the powder to completely dissolve. Some users complain of a gritty texture; however, this is a high-quality product at an affordable price. Overall, Dymatize offers an excellent creatine option for users that desire quality gains and a tasteful powder.

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When should you take it?

Simply put, creatine can be taken whenever the dose is convenient for the user. The compound is not a stimulant and functions solely on saturation. For that reason, as long as the body is properly saturated, creatine is safe to consume. Users can take creatine in the morning after waking up, prior to a workout, or even before going to sleep. Many users suggest that the best time to take creatine is 15 minutes before and after an intense workout. Another ideal time to take creatine is after waking up on non-training days.

How you should load it?

It is important to remember that creatine does not have to be loaded. Loading occurs when a user takes 15-20g of creatine daily for 7 days, and then consumes a more modest ‘maintenance’ dose of 5g daily. Many users “load” to reach a maximum saturation level faster. However, taking 5g of creatine daily without loading will ultimately cause an equal degree of saturation.

Moving to the maintenance dose

The maintenance dose is commonly known as 5g of creatine daily. This is the dose that many supplement companies and fitness experts recommend. Some users argue that this figure is inaccurate; however, there is no proof to suggest this claim. In most cases, 5g daily works for 99% of the population.

Loading vs Non-Loading

Whether the user is loading or not, there are two proven methods of taking monohydrate. It is important to add that each method is appealing for different reasons:

• Method 1: Take 20g daily for 5 days followed by a maintenance of 5g daily afterward
• Method 2: Take 5g daily as a long-term solution over the course of 1-3 months

Although many users believe that loading is needed to maximize results, research has shown otherwise. There are users that are unable to consume higher dosages and as a result, loading will cause stomach aches, diarrhea, and gastrointestinal problems.

While dieting

Creatine can be an ideal compound while dieting. This is a fat-free and calorie-free compound that works well with virtually any diet plan. Creatine is an organic compound that occurs naturally within the body. The compound offers decreased muscle mass that can help sculpt bodies easily. It is important to remember that the body produces around 1g of this supplement daily. Creatine monohydrate is recommended for dieting as a result of having little to no effect on BF%.

Creatine and women

Like men, women are encouraged to take this supplement as well. Creatine can help women lose fat and tone the body. This compound is an ideal supplement for the athletic and active woman.


How much should I buy?

This can vary depending on the individual as well as the method of consumption. However, a 150 lb. man requires around 100g of creatine per week while strength training to see significant results. That plan consists of 20g per day over the course of 5 days.

How long should I take creatine?

Most users only need 5g of creatine daily. Additionally, these users typically take this dose for 6 – 8 weeks then stop for up to 5 weeks. In some cases, people can take creatine anywhere from 1 month to 3 months. However, there is no concrete evidence that suggest users should cycle or get off the compound for an extended period of time.

What should I mix it with?

The body absorbs monohydrate more effectively when the compound is combined with simple sugars. Many experts and trainers suggest creatine is most effective when mixed with grape juice. This type of juice helps conceal the taste, and there is a great deal of simple sugars in this type of juice. It’s important to remember that when combining creatine and sugar, using fast acting sugars will help expedite the body’s absorption of the compound. This process releases insulin within the body, which is a hormone that provides glucose to the cells. During the process, creatine is also transported into the cells along with the glucose and other simple sugars.

Although water is another liquid that is mixed with creatine, this liquid is not as effective as others. Sports drinks are another kind of liquid that is usually mixed with creatine; however, these types of drinks are not an effective option either. Sports drinks may contain different ingredients that counteract the body’s ability to consume creatine. When mixing creatine with a sports drink, it is best to use a powdered sports drink. This method uses the simple sugars in the drink without the added ingredients in most bottled drinks.

What if I don’t see results?

If results are not noticeable after taking creatine, there may be a few reasons to hold accountable. Take a close look at the type of exercises being performed. In most cases, the best results while using creatine are noticed during strength training and weight lifting exercises.

Exercise, in general, helps enhance the body’s absorption of this supplement. Some users select specific times before and after exercise to take creatine. This can have a direct impact on uptake and saturation.

Another issue may be saturation. Creatine works properly when muscles are properly saturated. Some users have a naturally high level of saturation and creatine does not raise their level high enough to notice any desirable benefits. In some cases, users may require assistance in transporting creatine through the bloodstream.

Diet has an important role in nutrition and poor dietary selections can have a direct effect on creatine intake. There are many dietary variables that could prevent creatine from functioning properly such as caffeine and stimulants.

Are there any side effects?

There are currently no severe side effects to taking creatine. However, when cycling off the compound there may be a feeling of reduced energy. Some users claim stomach aches, diarrhea, and gas after consuming higher dosages. Although there is no documentation in the clinical research to suggest side effects, proper water intake is required to avoid any potential hazards.

Is long-term supplementation safe?

As mentioned above, there is no clinical documentation or research that suggests taking creatine has adverse or serious side effects. Some stories claim that illnesses such as kidney damage or liver damage have occurred; however, many of these claims have been refuted. The only major side-effect associated with monohydrate is diarrhea and upset stomach as a result of taking too much at one time.

When is the best time to it?

There is no evidence that suggest that there is a “best” time to take creatine. However, many users find that taking the compound after working out is not only a logical choice but a more convenient one. Whey protein and waxy maize are post-workout supplements that work well with creatine. There is some evidence that shows taking creatine with a 1 to 1 ratio of protein to carbs can improve creatine absorption.

While loading, it may be best to take the compound:

  • In the Morning – take 5g with grape juice
  • Before working out – take 5g with waxy maize
  • After working out – take 5g with whey protein and waxy maize
  • At night – take 5g with grape juice

Should athletes cycle on and off?

Cycling is not required when taking creatine. The conventional creatine cycles consists of 1 week loading, followed by 3 weeks on maintenance, and 2 weeks off. This process is slightly redundant in the sense that creatine takes considerably longer to leave the body. This is not a definitive reason to take a break from creatine as the compound does not rely on any specific receptors. Moreover, there is no documented creatine sensitivity. When most products are cycled, this is a result of the body developing a tolerance for them. This is not the case with creatine.

Does caffeine make a difference?

Many sports nutritionists, experts, and trainers suggest that there is some correlation between the effects of caffeine and creatine when used individually. There are several studies that propose that caffeine counteracts the effects of creatine. However, these studies have no proof that performance between the caffeine groups and the placebo groups were distinct. The studies did show that caffeine has no effect on how muscles absorb creatine.

Some studies argue that caffeine consumption can cause dehydration, which leads to reduced performance. This decreased performance can counter the beneficial effects of creatine. However, the most effective way to address this potential issue is on an individual level. The individual user should manage caffeine consumption and monitor hydration.

Should children or teenagers take it?

There is no evidence that suggest creatine consumption by teenagers has adverse or serious side effects. Creatine is produced naturally in the body and it is a compound that is proven to be safe. However, some experts and trainers claim that the compound has not been available long enough to dismiss the chance that it may have some side-effects when consumed by teenagers.

Popular brands

Optimum Nutrition

Optimum Nutrition LogoThis supplement company offers affordable and high-quality supplements. Optimum Nutrition implements strict quality control standards and firm lab testing requirements when manufacturing its products. Optimum provides premium products that are offer impressive results. This company uses closely controlled regulations to provide products that are of the finest quality and that are competitively priced within the supplement industry.


Optimum Nutrition was created to meet the consumer’s need for a consistent and reliable company in the nutrition industry. Currently, Optimum Nutrition is a subsidiary of Glanbia. This is one of the major international nutritional and cheese ingredients companies. Glanbia provides products in several different categories and markets. At first, the company’s primary focus was protein powder; however, Optimum Nutrition has expanded considerably over the years to manufactures products in a variety of categories. More importantly, Optimum’s primary goal is to that satisfy the demands of the customer.

Key Products:

The key products for Optimum Nutrition include Gold Standard 100% Casein protein powder, Essential Amino Energy, Gold Standard 100% Whey protein powder, Opti-Men, Serious Mass, and Platinum Hydro Whey.


MusclePharm LogoMusclePharm is a corporation that is recognized for being motivated by science to improve the performance lifestyle. MusclePharm distributes, develops, and manufactures high-quality nutritional supplements. This company provides a wide range of gels, powders, tablets, and capsules. More importantly, MusclePharm meets the nutritional needs of many bodybuilders, athletes, and fitness trainers. The MusclePharm brand is well-known and includes the Arnold Schwarzenegger Series, the Core Series, FitMiss, and the MusclePharm Hybrid Series.

Company Strengths:

MusclePharm takes pride in the production and development of its products. The company was built on strict standards of quality assurance and health/safety of customers. MusclePharm products are distinct from many other products on the market. Moreover, beyond the supplements, MusclePharm can improve the user’s performance lifestyle. This company provides training advice, diet advice, and daily workout routines. The information from the expert team of doctors, fitness professionals, and athletes is extremely useful

MusclePharm has three major brands. The three brands include the MP Hybrid Series, the MP Core Series, and MusclePharm FitMiss. The Hybrid Series offers products that contain ingredients that will help improve performance. The Combat, Amino1, and Assault are products within the brand that are clinically proven to enhance performance. The MP Core Series provides products that concentrate on individual ingredients such as fish oil and CLA Core. These ingredients help maintain the performance essentials that professionals and athletes need to meet daily demands. MusclePharm’s FitMiss is formulated and designed explicitly for use by the active woman. The FitMiss brand includes eight premium products and was created in 2013. Lastly, the Arnold Schwarzenegger Series is a brand of innovative physique supplements designed for bodybuilding and fitness enthusiasts. The Arnold brand includes seven physique enhancing products and was established in 2013.

NOW Foods

NOW Foods LogoNOW Foods is a nutrition company that helps the customer understand the purpose of each supplement. At NOW Foods, the customer can understand what the best supplements are for specific needs. This is accomplished by utilizing the extensive fitness educational resources on NOW University.

Additionally, NOW offers exceptional quality products and competitively priced supplements by using their world-class facilities. The range of products includes amino acids, diet support, energy, endurance, mass building, and protein powders.

Strength Meets Science

Strength meets science is one of the mottos of NOW Foods. This company believes all-natural products are better than synthetic products. The all-natural selection of products separates NOW Foods from many other supplement companies in the industry. NOW implements strict quality assurance standards, safety policies, and testing regulations in order to provide the finest products on the market.

NOW provides specifically formulated supplements and nutritional products that provide the body with the essentials needed to perform at the highest level.

  • Products for endurance athletes include energy supplements
  • Products for bodybuilders include muscle building supplements and protein powders
  • Products for diets include recovery supplements and support formulas

Professional athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and amateur trainers depend on the premium quality and effectiveness of NOW Foods products. This company offers formulations that many customers find difficult to locate elsewhere. Their commitment to natural products is an unmatched characteristic in the supplement industry.

Body Fortress

Body Fortress LogoBody Fortress is a nutrition company that offers a quality line of sports nutrition products. Body Fortress was created to engineer products that deliver better results with an inexpensive price tag. Many athletes, trainers, and professionals strive for improved results while using affordable products. This is the primary reason Body Fortress has grown in popularity over the last few years.

Key Products

Body Fortress creates a foundation for every fitness enthusiasts, athlete, and trainer’s workout regimen. The company offers protein powders that help build and strengthen muscle. Body Fitness has high performance creatine that helps increase power and strength. There is also 100% Pure Glutamine that helps power and fuels the muscles. Body Fortress even has Advanced NOS products that help support Nitric Oxide Synthesis.

Other Products include:

  • Super Mass Gainer
  • Super Advanced Whey Isolate
  • Super Advanced Whey Creatine HP2
  • Triple Strength L-Carnitine 1500
  • Super NOS Pump Tablets
  • BCAA 2200

Nutrition and Fitness

Body Fortress helps users create an enhanced performance lifestyle with meal plans, shake recipes, and training programs. Body Fortress offers excellent supplements that are useful alternatives to many expensive bodybuilding supplements on the market. The motto for Body Fortress is “sports products you need, at a price you can afford.”

Dymatize Nutrition

Dymatize Nutrition LogoDymatize Nutrition was established in 1994 and has become one of the industry leaders. Dymatize supplies customers with some of the highest quality supplements on the market. This company provides products to millions of trainers, fitness enthusiasts, and athletes worldwide. Dymatize is a well-known nutrition company that reaches more than 50 countries around the world.

Dymatize manufactures some of the safest and most effective products available. Dymatize guarantees quality by quarantining each finished product and raw ingredient for 3 days in order to test purity and potency. The in-house quality control team tests products and ingredients in a microbiological lab to guarantee the highest production standards are executed. The company implements various tests that are designed to provide the most consistent, safest, and effective products. Currently, Dymatize is one of the few independently tested brands available in the industry.

Key Products

The commitment to premium quality, excellent taste, and enjoyable flavors is the cornerstone of Dymatize Nutrition. This company continues to develop and provide innovative new products along with an established product line of more than 200 SKUs. Dymatize’s quality products are demanded by fitness professionals and premier athletes worldwide. A few key products include:

  • Energy and Weight Management
  • Creatine Monohydrate
  • Elite Mass Gainer
  • Recovery/Amino Acids
  • Z-Force Capsules

Dymatize also separates itself from most of the competition by producing and manufacturing products in an on-site, state-of –the-art manufacturing facility. Dymatize uses this facility to provide safe and quality products. From protein and creatine powders to liquids and capsules; all production takes place in the Dymatize manufacturing facilities. The four quality control labs, production equipment, development labs, and three research labs are all located on-site. Dymatize also has a flavor lab where the company creates unique flavors. This is an advantage over other companies that simply purchase a completed flavor from an outside source.


Creatine is a product that offers several benefits to the user. Although this may not be the most effective solution for some users, many find that this product offer improved energy and increased strength. There is currently a massive amount of research available to suggest that this supplement has more benefits that just strength training and exercise. Research shows that when used properly, this compound can help with depression, Parkinson’s disease, neurological disorders, and cognition. Moreover, the misconception that this supplement is only used by athletes and trainers to improve strength and performance is disappearing. This product is also useful for neurodegenerative problems, cognitive heart failure, and neuromuscular disorders. In some severe cases, being completely deficient of creatine can cause a genetic disorder that can lead to mental retardation. Therefore, taking this product can help combat this issue as well.

For most users, creatine works well and provides noticeable results over time. Although this product will not make the user considerably stronger overnight, it can help with building muscle mass and lifting more weight. This product is ideal for use during intense workouts and strength training. Over the course of time, when used properly, monohydrate is a useful product to make users stronger.

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