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Confidence GTR Power Pro Motorized Electric Treadmill

Confidence GTR Power Pro Motorized Electric Treadmill
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Confidence GTR Power Pro
Confidence GTR Power Pro

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52 x 25.2 x 5262 lbs.300 lbs.0-7.5 mphNone

The Confidence GTR Power Pro Motorized Electric Treadmill is a home fitness treadmill complete with an adjustable manual incline and a full set of features. Priced at just $299.99 on the giant e-commerce site Amazon.com, the Confidence GTR Power Pro is classified as a value-priced starter treadmill with a compact deck length and a folding, lightweight for easy storage. Complete with a set of fitness programs and a heart rate monitor, this home treadmill is great for users of various fitness levels who want to work up a sweat at home, burn calories, or train from their own living rooms. Read this unbiased review on the Confidence GTR Power Pro and decide if this is the right bargain-priced model for you.

Confidence GTR Power Pro Motorized Electric Treadmill

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The Good

It is very rare that you will find a quality electric treadmill for under $300, let alone a quality treadmill that comes with incline features. If you want a machine that is designed for a home atmosphere and still offers you features that will help keep all users challenged, this may be the best bet for you. An incline, although it is manual, is a feature that will help you train your quads, glutes and calves while you burn more calories by using a higher level of resistance. As you start to get fit and build stamina, this machine will grow with you at the turn of a dial so that you can burn up to 900 calories in an hour depending on your speed and incline.

Confidence GTR Power Pro Motorized Electric Treadmill Folded

Adjustable incline features are great, but that is not all that this home fitness machine offers. Users will appreciate the speed range, which can be set between .5 kph and 7.5 kph per hour. This enables individuals of all fitness levels in the household to get their workout on without leaving home. The 1.5 hp motor is dependable and suitable to power the deck up to the 265 pound weight limit. The machine is also pre-programmed with 12 different fitness programs, from cardio to fat burn, that will help you train at home without spending money on an expensive personal trainer.

If space has been holding you back from buying a home treadmill, no worried. The GTR Power Pro measures 52 x 25 x 52 inches, but comes with a folding option so that the deck comes up and the machine can be stored out of the way. This means that you do not have to have a dedicated fitness room to enjoy fitness at home on a rainy day or in the dark. Here are some other great features users enjoy:

  • Multi-function LED display shows speed, distance, time, calories burned
  • Heart rate monitor for accurate calorie counts
  • 3 levels of incline to choose from for a greater challenge
  • Lightweight and durable design for easy portability
  • Safety emergency stop feature to prevent falls
  • Great for family members of all ages
  • Quality 1.5 hp engine
  • Quiet deck and motor
  • Wide 15-inch deck for comfort
  • Easy assembly out of the box

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The Bad

Where there is good there is always bad, and you need to consider both sides when buying fitness equipment. You should always expect there to be drawbacks to buying a value-priced item like the GTR Power Pro from Confidence. Here are some of the common complaints reported about the machine:

  • Short 42.5-inch deck is not ideal for people with long strides
  • The deck does not have shocks
  • Manual incline can affect your rhythm during your workout
  • Speed is in kilometers per hour and not miles per hour
  • Heart rate should only be used at lower speeds for safety
  • The Control panel beeps too loud

The Verdict

If you are looking for a simple value-priced treadmill that offers some beneficial features without the frills, the Confidence GTR Power Pro Motorized Electric Treadmill may be the machine for you. Not only does the model come with an adjustable decline and a large speed range, it also comes with other features like a heart rate monitor and pre-programmed fitness programs. Individuals who are looking for a compact treadmill can appreciate the shorter deck and folding features, but you should consider your comfort when selecting models with a shorter stride length. If you have a limited budget but you want a machine that will keep you challenged, the GTR Power Pro could be a good investment.

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