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Concept2 Rowing Machine Reviews

By Tory Reiss / June 30, 2014

Last updated: August 9th 2016

Concept2Concept2 is a company that is well known for their premier rowing machines. Concept2 has been in business since 1976 and has been providing these high quality machines for customers ever since. There are three models of rowing machines available through this company, each with its own unique qualities. There is a reason that the Concept2 machines are the most popular among competitive rowers and it revolves around the company’s dedication to high quality and incredible customer service. This rower made it to one of our top picks of the best rowing machine for this year.

Our Concept2 Rowing Machine Reviews


There are several benefits to purchasing a Concept2 rowing machine.

  • Different Models: There are several different models of the Concept2 available for athletes with varying abilities. The Model D, E, and Dynamic model all offer differing attributes for individuals looking for specific qualities in their rowers.
  • Easy Storage: All of the models of the Concept2 machines separates into two pieces for easy storage. This allows individuals to store their rower in a closet or other small space after completing a workout.
  • Weight Capacity: While other brands have a 300 pound weight capacity, the Concept2 machines can sustain at least 500 pounds. This allows the rower to be used by those individuals who might exceed an average weight limit for this type of machine.


Though there are many advantages to Concept2 machines, there are a couple of drawbacks that are worth mentioning.

  • Price: Because of the quality, Concept2 rowers are priced starting at around $1050 for the Model D. This price may make this machine too expensive for many individuals looking to start rowing.
  • Monitor Illumination: Some individuals have said that the monitor on the rowers is not illuminated enough, making it hard to see the statistics.

Overall, the Concept2 brand is well known as the premier provider of rowing machines for individuals looking to add this lucrative exercise to their workout routine.

Company Name: Concept2
Address: Concept2, Inc.
105 Industrial Park Drive
Morrisville, VT 05661
Phone Number: Toll-free 800.245.5676 or direct 802.888.7971
Official Website: http://www.concept2.com/

Concept2 Rowing Machine Reviews

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