BPI Sports Pump-HD

A premier pre-workout muscle formula, BPI Pump-HD Ultimate Pre-Workout is a mix that has been well-researched, trialed and tested to ensure it provides fuel for exercise performance. Its unique ingredient profile also works to fight fatigue while an added electrolyte matrix helps the body rehydrate both during and after the work out. Built to be used in conjunction with strength and muscle building programs as well as power and endurance programs, everyone that exercises and is looking for some heavy gains and great pump action will find what they need with Pump-HD. Available in two different sizes and three different flavors, the mixture is BPI’s answer for an ultimate pre-workout formula.

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  • No maltodextrin and no fillers
  • Powerful CNS stimulant to fuel exercise performance
  • Designed for sustained energy, endurance and recovery
  • Intense and long lasting focus and pump
  • No post-workout crash

The Good

BPI Sports Pump-HD Supplement FactsBPI Pump-HD is actually made with a regimen of other powders to compliment an entire workout system. To make the most of it, it is best if combined with BLOX for post-workout recovery and either Build-HD or Whey-HD based on what kind of muscle you are trying to build. While this is a bit heavy handed in terms of marketing, it is still a great reference for anyone that has not tried out supplements for their routine. By starting this powder, you can follow the suggested compliments to better build an understanding of what it is you are looking for with each one. Once you have that figured out, you can start searching outside of BPI.

Designed to put your mind and body in motion, the formula delivers a smooth energy combined with a system to support bigger, fuller muscles and the pump throughout your routine. Including the most researched form of creatine, the key branched chain amino acid Leucine and CarnoSyn, a type of beta alanine, you can take your lifting to the next plateau. There is also an electrolyte matrix added to the mix to help hydrate and refresh the body, keeping you pumping longer and harder. L-tyrosine and acetyl-l-carnosine have been added to increase brain functions, helping you stay more alert during your reps.

Unlike some pump-focused powder, Pump-HD delivers an incredible amount of focus and energy to a routine. Some users have even used it for cardio and found it to be super effective. It also does not cause users to suffer a post-workout crash when the effect wear off. It starts working quickly and aids in quicker recovery during reps. Though gains are not immediate, if it is used regularly coupled with exercise, it does lead to gradual progress. For newer lifters, however, there are rapid bursts of increased strength.

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The Bad

While many find the boost to be just right, be careful as a lot of users can only do half scoops. They did try whole scoops but became overly excited to the point their heart rates became abnormally high. It also contains an ingredient known as yohimbe which can be detrimental to those with any serious medical conditions.

Though the flavors are decent, it does not mix well. There are reports of a white flaky residue that floats on the top and a sludge that sits on the bottom. It also has a chemical taste to it and is sweetened with artificial sweeteners. Because of that, it can taste overly sweet to many users. Many simply mix and chug the drink as quickly as possible to avoid the taste altogether.

Aside from that, it is on the more expensive side of pre-workout mixes. At $25 for a month’s supply, there are other options available that do the same thing as well as cover more of the needs of the average lifter.

The Verdict

It is one of the strongest energy focused pre-workout mixes with a total amount of caffeine per serving equaling about 3 cups of coffee. BPI Pump-HD Ultimate Pre-Workout is formulated to give you an intense bout of energy to last you through your workout. Its mixture also includes electrolytes to help your body hydrate easier and additional ingredients to aid with alertness.

Unfortunately, it does not mix well, and the caffeine acquired from one scoop can be far too much for your body to handle. Also, though there is an electrolyte mix, it is still necessary to drink more water than normal for your body to process all of the ingredients that come in the drink. With a chemical taste and a price that’s higher than average, it is not the best pre-workout product all around.

If you need focus for your lifts, Pump-HD will provide you with more energy than you’ll know what to do with. Its formula also helps with increased blood flow to the muscles, allowing you to achieve the all-important pump while at the gym. Made with the intermediate and expert lifter in mind, the product is designed to help those who have reached their max focus hard enough to go above and beyond.

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