Bowflex SelectTech 1090 Adjustable Dumbbells

Bowflex SelectTech 1090 Adjustable Dumbbell

The Bowflex SelectTech 1090 adjustable dumbbells which launched in 2011, have long been considered a fine addition to any gym. An all-encompassing dumbbell solution, these dumbbells adjust from 10 to 90 pounds with the simple twist of a dial. These dumbbells not only save space in a home gym, the price is also going to help customers save big.You can be sure it’s a pretty popular choice -it made it to our top picks for the Best Adjustable dumbbells of this year.

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With such a broad range of weight, these dumbbells are perfect for both lifting novices and serious fitness enthusiasts alike. In short, these dumbbells offer the following benefits and so much more:

  • Adjustable weight in five pound increments
  • Resistance training from 10 to 90 pounds per dumbbell
  • A serious space saver
  • Weights adjust with the twist of a dial
  • Built to last with durable molding surrounding the metal plates
  • Perfect for beginners and fitness enthusiasts alike

The Pros

One of the best adjustable dumbbells from Bowflex, these are vastly diverse with the ability to accommodate almost anyone’s weight lifting routine. Better still, there are 17 weight settings so that steady progress can be achieved and plateaus can regularly be pushed past. The SelectTech 1090 dumbbells also stand out aesthetically, and the looks will be sure to impress anyone that checks out a home gym with these stylish dumbbells.

Additionally, a wide range of exercises can be performed with adjustable dumbbells such as the SelectTech 1090 dumbbells, since lower weight isolation lifts and heavier compound lifts can all be performed due to the broad range of weight allowed with the simple twist of a dial. The speed with which the dumbbells can be adjusted also make them very ideal for those that wish to do a speed circuit routine. Further, the dumbbells are also well-designed and are incredible space savers as an efficient all-in-one dumbbell. In essence, these dumbbells should be the only dumbbells needed for all but the most serious and dedicated lifters.

SelectTech 1090 Dumbbells In Use

Perhaps the best feature of these dumbbells, however, is that they are an incredibly great value. While seemingly expensive at first glance, these dumbbells are actually quite affordable. A full set of dumbbells from 10 to 90 pounds could easily cost two to three times as much as the SelectTech 1090 dumbbells. As a result, it is difficult to point to many dumbbell options that are a better value than these Bowflex dumbbells since Bowflex is essentially providing a full set of dumbbells with the SelectTech 1090 product. In short, the SelectTech 1090 dumbbells are highly recommended for the following reasons:

  • The vast weight options serve as a full suite of dumbbells
  • The dumbbells are incredibly efficient space-savers
  • The speed of the dial switching allows for effective speed circuit routines
  • The design is incredibly stylish
  • The dumbbells are incredible values

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The Cons

While it is an incredibly well-rounded product, there are some downsides regarding these dumbbells. For one thing, these dumbbells do not come with a stand. Bowflex offers a stand that can be purchased separately, but for $150 there may be better options to consider. This is especially true given the fact that the 1090 stand is also quite difficult to assemble.

Additionally, its size (17.5″ x 10″ x 10″) makes it much larger than some other adjustable dumbbells. As such it could be difficult to perform certain exercises efficiently with these dumbbells. The oval handles could also be designed better, and the grips on the handles themselves can be a bit rough on the hands as well. A possible remedy to this issue would be to purchase some good lifting gloves if the grips and handles are unsatisfactory as well. While these are far from deal-breaking complaints, these slight criticisms are definitely something to consider for users that may wish for a more ergonomically friendly design with comfortable handles and grips.

In short, the negatives of this product are:

  • The large dumbbell size could make some exercises difficult to perform
  • The oval handles could be designed better
  • The grips can be rough on the hands
  • The dumbbells do not come with an included stand

Final Thoughts

All things considered, this product is an essential purchase for serious fitness lovers and novice lifters that are serious about progressing to a heavier weight. While the large dumbbell size, lack of a stand and poor handle and grip design are concerns, these stylish dumbbells are too good of a value to pass up. The fact that these dumbbells can serve as the only dumbbells in a gym and can accommodate speed circuit routines shows how versatile this product can be. Better still, these dumbbells are built to last as long as users do not drop the product from high off the ground. However, for novice users that only want to lift light, Bowflex offers a more compelling alternative in the form of their SelectTech 552 offering. These offer much lower max weight options at a reduced cost. Still, for the vast majority of those looking to buy adjustable dumbbells, this is the flagship product that will sit proudly in any home gym. As such, this is a highly recommended fitness purchase.

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