Body Rider Fan Bike

Body Rider Fan Bike

The Body Rider Fan Bike is a product that is all about versatility. Many machines are content with just being either an elliptical or an upper body machine. This product is different. The bike allows users to have a fantastic elliptical and upper body workout in one machine. Quality ergonomics and efficient design ensure that the arms and upper body will remain engaged during use which leads to efficient cardiovascular exercise and strength training. The product weighs 47.3 pounds once it is assembled, and its assembled dimensions are 41.75 x 22 x 46.5 inches.

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This exercise bike is also aesthetically pleasing with a beautiful and stylish black and grey look. Rest assured that this piece of fitness equipment would be far from an eyesore no matter where it is placed in the home. Currently, this outstanding machine is available for only $129.98 on Amazon, making it a steal in every sense of the word.

Additional key features of this product are:

  • A digital display that tracks time, calories burned, speed and distance
  • Dual-action handlebars that can engage both an upper and lower-body workout
  • Tension that will adjust effortlessly at the simple turn of a knob
  • A built to last steel frame
  • A 250 pound weight capacity that will accommodate most users
  • It provides a great cardiovascular and strength training regimen in one product

The Good

Simply put, this product is a true full-body workout that will get any user’s sweat going. Not to worry there, though, since the bike even comes equipped with a fan that will keep riders cool as they exercise. Height concerns are also largely moot with this product since it has an adjustable seat that will allow people of almost all sizes to exercise comfortably. All of these incredible features in one exercise machine makes it a compelling option, and that sentiment is only furthered by the fact that it is currently only $129.98 on Amazon.

All of these features matter little though if the product does not work as advertised. The Body Rider fan bike quickly puts any such fears to rest. This bike performs incredibly reliably from the moment it is put together through easy and uncomplicated assembly.

The dual-action handlebars are also an outstanding feature that makes this bike stand out. Essentially, these handlebars make this bike a full-body workout. As a result, this product stands head and shoulders above simple exercise bikes that only give a cardiovascular workout. This bike functions as an excellent strength training tool as well, and the resistance can be easily adjusted with an incredibly functional tension knob.

Riding a Body Rider Fan Bike

This tension knob is also worth a specific mention since it works so well compared to competitors’ exercise bikes. This knob is easily accessible while riding and will allow users to ramp up or tone down the intensity of their workouts as needed. Many exercise machines make this process too unwieldy or cumbersome while in the process of riding the bike. This particular machine has no such problem thanks to the excellent placement of the tension knob and its ease of use.

In short, this product is one that any fitness beginner or expert should be proud to have as part of their fitness arsenal due to the excellent performance and affordability that it offers in one package. Still, despite this product’s overwhelming strengths, there are some potential drawbacks to consider.

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The Bad

As strong as this product is, there are a few drawbacks worth mentioning. First, the adjustable seat can make it difficult for exceptionally tall riders to exercise on the bike comfortably. If a user is over six and a half feet, then it may be in their best interests to find a specialty exercise bike that will cater to their needs more specifically. However, even for people that come in a few inches over six feet, this product should fit their needs and the needs of most any rider. The seat adjusts quite reasonably for most riders. Still, it is worth mentioning that there are limits to just how adjustable the seat can be, even if this limitation will not affect 99 percent of potential users of the bike.

Finally, the bike can make quite a bit of noise. So, for users that need to exercise and watch television at the same time, this could be a problem if the speakers on your television do not get very loud. This product is not absurdly loud, but it is loud enough that bad television speakers could prevent easy television viewing. However, even if that is the case, it might be prudent to simply plug in headphones and listen to music. This product is so strong and offers too many great features to pass on it over something so relatively trivial.

The Verdict

Despite the minor drawbacks listed above, this product could not come more highly recommended! Its full-body workout capabilities, quality design and easy affordability make this bike an easy choice for fitness experts and beginners alike. After all, how many exercise bikes offer a workout for the whole body in addition to performing admirably as a cardiovascular machine? The answer is not many, and the other machines that do offer similar features will do so at a much higher price.

In short, this product is recommended for absolutely anyone, with the exception of extraordinarily tall individuals that will likely need specialized exercise equipment. For 99 percent of those looking for a great exercise bike, however, they don’t need to look any further than the Body Rider Fan Bike!

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