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Body Fortress Super Advanced Creatine HP

Body Fortress Super Advanced Creatine HP

Creatine is a dietary supplement used by athletes and body builders to improve performance and increase energy levels. According to the US National Institutes of Health and several other nutrition researchers, creatine has been shown to be effective in improving athletic performance and in increasing muscle mass in those who exercise regularly. It is especially beneficial at increasing the physical abilities of athletes partaking in high-intensity sports, such as sprinting and weightlifting. Creatine plays an important role in creating the energy that muscles require to function properly.

Creatine is a chemical found naturally in the body, primarily in the muscles. It is manufactured by the body and also found in certain foods, mostly meats and fish.

However, the muscles in the human body are capable of absorbing, utilizing, and storing creatine in much higher levels than can typically be produced naturally by the body. Therefore, creatine can be taken as a supplement with beneficial results.

For example, one popular product on the market today is Body Fortress Super Advanced Creatine HP (High Performance), available for purchase in health food stores as well as via online providers, such as Amazon, for about $14 for a 3.17-pound jug.

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  • Each serving contains creatine monohydrate plus carbohydrates, which are quickly converted to energy by the body
  • The formula now includes BCAA’s, Arginine and Chromium, three necessary nutrients for athletes and body builders
  • Mixes smoothly with water or juice, tastes good, and is quite reasonable in price
  • This product is scientifically formulated to expedite recovery from exertion during training, to increase the number of reps during weight training and to speed up creatine delivery to the muscles
  • Also increases muscle mass, strength, and cell volume
  • Each serving also provides electrolytes, which are required for muscular and other bodily functions
  • Used alongside a concentrated daily exercise regimen and a nutritional diet and proper calorie consumption, this product will improve overall stamina and endurance

Before working out, one scoop (48 g or 1.7 ounces) of Body Fortress Super Advanced Creatine HP powder should be mixed with a glass of cold fruit juice or water and consumed. Adults weighing more than 125 pounds should consume another serving after the workout.

In addition, on non-workout days, one serving should be consumed with breakfast.

It is important to note that creatine should not be used by pregnant or nursing women, by those with kidney disease, or by those under the age of 18. Those with medical conditions should consult with their physician before beginning the use of creatine.

The Good

Body Fortress Creatine Supplement FactsBody Fortress Super Advanced Creatine HP comes in a tasty fruit punch flavor and mixes well with water or fruit juice, although the fruit flavor in the product is enough get a good taste when mixed with water. Other items, such as fruit, peanut butter, flax, etc., can also be added as well.

Many powdered drinks have an unacceptable texture, with a chalky or even sandy taste, but Body Fortress’ powder consistently yields a smooth and palatable taste and texture.

The price is much lower than other brands of creatine. Other popular brands sell for around $25.00 for only 7 ounces of powder and $27 for 300 capsules, only about a 21-day supply. At $14 for over three pounds of powder (also about a 21-day supply), the Body Fortress product is a bargain.

Clinical research has demonstrated that the level of creatine absorbed by the body from powder supplements is quite high. The greatest increase in creatine levels in muscles usually occurs during the first two days, known as the “loading period.” During this period, 20 grams of creatine supplement are consumed every day for five days.

The Body Fortress brand contains creatine monohydrate, which is the highest concentration of actual absorbable creatine. Five grams of creatine monohydrate contain 4.4 grams of actual creatine, whereas creatine phosphate contains 3.12 grams and creatine citrate only contains 2 grams.

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The Bad

One issue that some users have with the Body Fortress creatine powder is the amount of sugar contained in the formula. Sure, the taste is nice, but it could be less sweet and still have an attractive taste, some users feel.

However, there is some evidence from scientific studies that consuming a high dose of sugar with creatine may actually increase absorption of creatine. This is due to an insulin spike in the body, and it is insulin that actually carries creatine to the muscles.

The product does contain too many artificial ingredients, for example, from the product label: “artificial flavor, FD&C Red No. 40 Lake, FD&C Red No. 40, FD&C Blue No. 1.” Whereas product manufacturers have to ensure marketability, certainly some of these unnatural ingredients could be eliminated.

The Verdict

Creatine supplementation has been shown in laboratory studies to be effective for increasing energy, muscle mass and strength, and in providing much needed extra energy while performing a variety of athletics or while working out. Some nutrition experts even feel it is one of the more beneficial supplements on the market today.

The Body Fortress Super Advanced Creatine HP powder supplement is a respectable, high quality product, offering those interested in body building, increasing muscle mass, and enjoying more endurance during exercise a reasonably priced way to accomplish this.

The good flavor, smooth taste, and easy mixability make the product easy and enjoyable to use. It’s never a dreaded task to take this important supplement.

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