Body Champ IT8070 Inversion Table

Body Champ IT8070 Inversion Therapy Table

The Body Champ IT8070 Inversion Therapy table released in 2009 is used to relieve pressure on the back while improving circulation and posture. It works by counteracting the gravitational pull on the body, specifically targeting the back, as users stretch their spine. This process relieves pressure on the back muscles, and the table may be used alleviate the symptoms of back pain, which may be triggered by stress. In order to use the table, individuals must lie down on the back pad and press their feet against the ankle pads while reaching their arms up over their head until they’re hanging almost completely upside down.

Users use the U-shaped hand grips for safety, and the safety strap for controlling the angle of inversion. The ankle and back pads are made from foamy cushions for comfort. The product uses a dual-pin system for adjusting height position and a pull pin for ankle fitting. At $114, it’s a good addition to a daily workout routine.

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Best Features:

  • Height range from 4’7″ to 6’8″
  • Pin for ankle resizing
  • U-shaped handgrips for for safety
  • Foamy cushions for comfort
  • Safety strap for controlling inversion
  • Easy fold-up storage

The Good

Body Champ IT8070 Inversion TherapyThe Body Champ IT8070 is quite easy to use, and it only requires individuals rest on the table, press their feet into the ankle pads, stretch their arms over their heads and slowly invert. The table is designed to hold a body securely while upside down, and users don’t need to worry about it collapsing. The foam cushions provide plenty of comfort on the back and ankles. Moreover, the back cushion comes in a pewter color with a red top and bottom border while the ankle cushions are black, and the rods are silver.

The table may be adjusted for height and has a height range of 4 feet 7 inches to 6 feet 8 inches. The ankle cushions are also easy to adjust and feature a spring pull pin. The angle of inversion may also be controlled using the safety strap. Furthermore, the U-shaped hand grips allow users to go from upside down to right side up.

The inversion angle allows for an inversion of up to a full 90 degrees, and the product may be used by a person weighing up to 250 pounds. It also doesn’t take up too much space with dimensions of 55.5 x 29.5 x 57.9 inches. It provides for easy storage weighing just 50 pounds, and it can be folded and put away. Finally, the article features a lock setting that may be used when the product is in storage, so there is no risk of it moving around.

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The Bad

One drawback of the Body Champ inversion table versus other similar competitors is that the article doesn’t have enough pads on the ankles. While inverting for long periods, this may become uncomfortable. An easy fix for this is to either add padding or to wear an extra pair of socks while using the product. Over time, this does become tedious. In addition, the build of the article is lightweight and better suited for individuals who don’t weigh over 210 pounds even though the product has a weight capacity of 250 pounds. Moreover, heavier individuals will likely feel less sturdy while inverting.

Finally, while the angle of inversion may be controlled using the safety strap, there is no specific setting for a certain angle such as 70 degrees. Other devices lock at certain increments allowing individuals to invert gradually at varying degrees. However, most of the products that do have this feature tend to be more expensive.

The Verdict

Body Champ IT8070 Full InversionThe Body Champ IT8070 inversion table is an affordable, basic exercise station that may be used on a daily basis to relieve back pain. Costing just over $100, the table is a good choice against more expensive competitors, and most users report a notable difference after just a few workouts. Other tables allow for more precision during inversion such as the Teeter Contour L-3 Inversion table; however, tables with greater features such as the Teeter costs $500 or more.

While heavier individuals do tend to feel unstable, the table is a good fit for those weighing under 210 pounds. Finally, most users report feeling the same relief from use of the inversion table as they do when visiting their chiropractor and for a lot less money. Overall, the table is an affordable choice to alleviate the symptoms of back pain.

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