Bladez Fitness PTS68 Master Indoor Cycle

Bladez Fitness PTS68 Master Spin Bike

Fitness enthusiasts have long talked about the need to participate in a wide range of cardio activities, from running to cycling to elliptical use and more. The PTS68 Master Indoor Cycle Trainer from Bladez Fitness is a great way to diversify the average workout, with a lightweight bike that knows how today’s athletes boost their heart rates and enjoy the burn. The bike is mad from highly durable steel and plastic materials, allowing it to accommodate even those who are looking to lose a significant amount of weight.

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This durability is also absolutely required due to the bike’s numerous, adjustable levels of tension, resistance, and handlebar positioning. Thanks to expert design, the bike’s handlebars are micro-adjustable, allowing them to be moved fractions of an inch in one of four directions even during mid-workout. The result is a bike that simply accommodates the user better, and adjusts perfectly so that it can handle differing muscle groups even as the workout continues from start to finish.


  • Unlike many of today’s most popular exercise bikes, the Bladez Fitness PTS68 comes with a universal seat bracket. This means buyers can actually attach virtually any exercise bike seat designed for the mount, increasing their comfort level during extended workouts.
  • The bike’s handlebars are micro-adjustable, with a four-way directional adjustment tool that allows them to move up and down, backwards, or forward. In addition to accommodating users of various heights and weights, these handlebars allow the bike to focus on different groups of muscles depending on their set position.
  • The bike’s 40-pound flywheel is designed for smooth and ultra-quiet operation, while belts engineered specifically for home exercise bike use ensure that the equipment will hardly make a sound even during the most intense workouts.
  • Excellent warranties on this bike make it a great fit for budget-minded buyers: The bike’s frame is covered for 5 years, its parts for one year, and any labor costs are covered for 90 days.
  • A built-in central display allows users to track their resistance, distance, calories burned, and other key metrics, so that they can evaluate the effectiveness of their routine.
  • The bike’s frame is lightweight yet durable, making it easy to move the equipment as needed. This is especially important if the bike is stored out of the way when it’s not in use.
  • A top-down braking and resistance system allows the bike to provide superior resistance during the most challenging workouts, and ensures long-term durability of the brakes even after years of use.

The Good

Bladez Fitness PTS68 Side ViewBladez Fitness is one of the leading names in home fitness, with a reputation for providing equipment that is durable over the long-term, but light enough to assemble, lift, and store with ease. The company’s lineup of bikes is perhaps best exemplified by its PTS68 Master Indoor Cycle Trainer. The bike was designed by Bladez Fitness engineers to cater to both professional cyclists and home fitness enthusiasts alike, and this commitment to the two disparate groups can be seen in its most prominent features. The bike is compact and low-key, but durable enough to stand up to the toughest workouts set by professional cyclists or well-trained cardio exercisers. It features a central display with fundamental information for both groups of people and makes workout tracking a breeze.

The bike comes with adjustable handlebars that may well be the biggest selling point of the equipment. These handlebars adjust up and down, as well as backwards and forwards, to meet two needs. First and foremost, they allow the bike to accommodate riders of varying sizes and heights. Their adjustable directions, however, are also useful when working different muscle groups. Higher handlebars more effectively work the arms, while lower handlebars work the legs and back with a bit more vigor. When combined with the universal, adjustable seat, this bike is simply designed to accommodate the needs of seasoned cyclists who have distinct cardio needs and established cycling preferences.

The bike’s design is intended for use by home gym buyers, and that’s evident in its flywheel and belt design. The bike features a pretty impressive flywheel that weighs in at 40 pounds. That puts it on par with commercial bikes sold for use in gyms, and ensures that the equipment is suitable balanced and rather quiet. Enhancing quiet operation is the bike’s smooth belt design, which eliminates dreaded mechanical noises that often detract from the workout experience on competing models. All told, that equates to a pretty enjoyable cardio experience for all involved.

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The Bad

Though there is plenty to love about this piece of home exercise equipment, no purchase is this segment is without at least a few drawbacks. The bike comes with a central display that is absolutely essential for connecting cyclists to their workout stats, but it’s not the most robust display on the market. Unlike several competing models, the display actually doesn’t connect to the Internet for workout syncing with the increasing number of highly useful workout tracking apps on today’s smartphones. It also features a limited ability to customize workouts and engage in pre-planned rides, which might not appeal to cyclists who like to “set it and forget it” as they begin their workout.

The Verdict

Though the central workout display on this model isn’t the most robust on the market, the Bladez Fitness PTS68 Master Indoor Cycle Trainer is still a really great option for seasoned cyclists and those building a diversified cardio lineup in their home gym. The equipment is stable, durable, and exceedingly quiet when compared to competing options on the market. Its display is great for tracking basic workout stats, while its adjustable handlebars ensure that cardio can be paired with a certain degree of stamina training no matter how professional or experienced the user might be at the outset.

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