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Best Home Gym Equipment in 2017

By Tory Reiss / August 12, 2016

 Why go to a gym when you can bring the gym to you?

The perks of having your own gym are numerous. If you enjoy working out regularly, but you don’t always have the time to go to the gym, the best thing that you can do is bring the gym to you – build it yourself and make it your own. 

Summer is just around the corner, so the time to get in shape is now! All you need is a bit of determination to get started. The web boasts with a wealth of free workout plans and exercises you can try out, so you can get your blood pumping in the comfort of your home without the assistance of a personal trainer.

Needless to say, the key to building the best home gym is to design it properly. It has to look professional in order to instill motivation.
A great idea might be to have large mirrors installed on one, maybe two of the walls.
Seeing yourself exercise boosts self-confidence; and since most of the time you’ll exercise alone, those mirrors will help keep track of your progress.
Another smart way of boosting motivation is have powerful messages written on the walls – “Live. Love. Lift” or “Endure Pain, Enjoy the Gain”. Of course, there are hundreds of quotes that can be used to motivate you to work out harder. Choose the one that best complements your style, character and fitness goals. Before deciding on a design, answer yourself this question: what inspired you to get in shape and hit the gym in the first place? The answer should be printed on your walls and used daily as encouragement when you don’t feel like exercising.

Atmosphere is key

Now that your walls look motivating enough to get you going, switch your focus to creating the best ambiance. Good music, stirring scents and a vitamin bar are key. Another great idea is to have giants plants added as well, just to make your home gym feel fresh and rejuvenating. Waking up every day and walking into a space that screams relaxation will make your workout routine feel a lot livelier and pleasurable.

Getting bigger, better & stronger in your own gym is the ultimate dream of someone fond of bodybuilding, fitness, powerlifting or just basic sport. Commercial gyms are overrated; they’re also pretty expensive and often times you don’t have the freedom to do the training that you truly desire. Some don’t have the equipment that your body craves, whereas others have terrible music, annoying people, and so on. Why should you compromise when you can make a small investment and build the gym of your dreams in your own home?

Equipment I need for a kickass home gym

A home gym can have the greatest impact on your life. Whether you’re a professional bodybuilder or just an amateur fitness enthusiast, it’s certainly a good investment to have your own workout space rather than spend up to $500/ year trying out all kinds of commercial gyms that don’t live up to your expectations. Assuming that you’ve made a decision and opted for a personalized gym built in the comfort of your home, let’s move on to basic equipment needed for a complete workout:

How do I choose the best equipment for my home gym?

Before spending money on equipment you’ve seen in professional gyms, you should answer yourself the following question: Do I want to build muscle, gain strength and bulk up, or do I want to burn fat, shed a few pounds and get fitter? For cardio workouts, it is important to focus on machines that can help shape your body. Treadmills, spin bikes, ellipticals are all about burning exceed fat and getting leaner; whereas power racks, dumbbells, ab machines, weights and barbells are meant for building muscle. It is important to have a goal in mind prior to starting to build your own gym.

All-in-one gym systems are meant to for complete workout routines. These machines use the same feature to work out various muscle groups. The systems include weights as well as pulley and cable systems to render the resistance required for weight training. Most all-in-one gyms include weight stacks with sliding rains together with adjustable pulley systems designed to support the exercises. Some types of machines incorporate additional resistance mechanisms, including hydraulics, spring, friction and elasticity. Body weight and free weight exercises feature their own benefits; just like machines, which are useful to attain specific fitness goals. All-in-one gyms are considered safe muscle builders, and oftentimes they serve a purpose – to isolate certain muscles and focus on working out muscle groups separately. Home Gym is a big deal - click here to find out more about that and see how to choose the best Home Gym for your needs.


Dumbbells come in a range of models. Prior to making a choice, check all out and decide on the ones that might be suitable for your fitness needs. Adjustable dumbbells in particular, are dumbbells with adjustable weight control. These take up less space and can be used for a wealth of exercises. Incredibly versatile and more compact, adjustable dumbbells help build muscle while burning fat.

Women who like to work out but don’t want to bulk up should stick to less heavy dumbbells which only make muscles look lean and well-defined; 2-pound dumbbells won’t pump your muscles any time soon, so you’ve got nothing to worry about. Men on the other hand, should use heavier dumbbells (10-20 pounds) to improve muscular endurance and increase the ability of the muscles to perform well when doing even heavier lifting. Here you can find out more about Adjustable Dumbbells and see our top comparisons. 

Our Top Picks

Best Adjustable Dumbbells for 2016

Rowing machine

A rowing machine is a piece of gym equipment that mimics the rowing movements when boating, thus converting the activity into a full-body workout. Excellent for building muscle, losing weight and toning your body, a rowing machine works several of the most important muscle groups, thus developing you lower and upper body. Furthermore, is gets the lungs working and heart pumping, offering a truly rewarding aerobic workout routine.

Regular workouts on a rowing machine tones the muscles, increases stamina and boost your metabolism. However, it is important to use proper rowing movement when exercising. This way your entire workout routine will be maximized. Make sure the feet are fastened securely; keep the core engaged and keep the shins close to an angle of 90 degree. Proper posture will help you row in a fluid, smooth motion. Here you can find out more about choosing the best rowing machine.

Our Top Picks

Best Rowing Machines for 2016

Exercize bikes

A spin bike is a stationary bike with several tension levels. It targets and strengthens the core, back, shoulders, hamstrings and quads; a regular workout routine lasts between 40 minutes and one hour, and the results are increased cardiovascular fitness, endurance and strength.
One session burns between 400 and 600 calories. Spin bike workouts don’t put a lot of pressure on the joints; this means even people who can’t do weight bearing exercises can enjoy efficient spinning to get in shape.
The smooth cycling action strengthens the hips and knees, thus preventing the muscles from over-stretching. When using this machine, the risks of joint pain and muscle sprains are severely decreased. Here you can read more about choosing a Exercise bikes and see our top comparisons.

Our Top Picks

Best Exercise bikes for 2016


Also known as cross-trainers, ellipticals are essential pieces of equipment in a gym. Both men and women love these motionless machines because they simulate activities like walking and running, thus improving balance and mobility. Apart from working out your whole body (upper & lower), ellipticals are excellent for people with past injuries in their legs. When walking and running, your feet don’t touch the ground, so you’re not accentuating any pain you might feel in your knees for example; on the contrary, you’re increasing strength in the legs by regaining mobility gradually. Using an elliptical for roughly 30 minutes a day, four times per week also increase cardio capacity and stamina. The body will be become more alert and it will feel energetic throughout the day.
Here you can read more about choosing an Elliptical machine and see our best picks for Ellipticals for this year.  

Our Top Picks

Best Ellipticals for 2016


Building a home gym has to be done right in order to reap all the benefits of a daily workout routine. Having a vitamin bar is just as important as buying the best equipment. Invest in a blender and a fridge (where you can store fresh fruit, vegetables, and water) and consider supplementing the bar with additional vitamins and minerals. Working out daily, lifting weights and doing cardio may not be enough to build muscle. The body needs further assistance as calories need to be burned without making the body feel weak. Muscle-building supplements are excellent for both beginning and experienced fitness aficionados and bodybuilders. However, prior to buying anything, get more information about proper dosages. Consulting with a nutritionist might also be a good idea because everyone has a different type of body with a different set of needs. Some of the best supplements people should include when working out are:

Creatine: promotes body mass, increases muscle cell volume, collage storage and help the muscles heal faster. We picked the Best Creatine Supplements for 2016.

Beta-alanine: improves force output and endurance; delays fatigue and works hand in hand with creatine

Whey protein: supplements and shakes containing whey protein are extremely common among bodybuilders. It supports the muscle-growing process (particular when taken before & after a routine), give the metabolism a great boost in energy, and it is an all-natural appetite suppressant

BCAA (branched-chain amino acids: common supplements among bodybuilders and weight trainers meant to support muscle recovery following a workout; BCAAs also boost metabolic recovery and muscle fatigue, while also improving endurance by fueling the muscles with energy.

Our Top Picks

Best Supplements for 2016

Fitness tracker & GPS watches

Fitness trackers and watches monitor sleep and count steps; but what about counting crunches and body form correction when lifting weights? Over the past few years we’ve seen wearable devices hit major stores across the country, and some are actually vital at the gym. GPS running watches for fitness aficionados have gone mainstream. The best ones go beyond basic heart rate monitoring and tracking location. An advanced GPS watch can connect to a smartphone and send notifications for messages and calls; it can also monitor sleeping activity as well as gym activity. Some models can even connect to a Bluetooth on a phone and stream music into your headphones.

However there’s more to gym wearables than just watches. Other useful gym devices also include wristband trackers that monitor your workout (e.g. push-ups, rep count, bicep curls), fitbits that mix the power of a tracker with the utility of a smartwatch, pulse-tracking headphones, tracking devices with sensors that monitor your lifts, and even smart clothing with biosignal monitoring that analyses your workout through hardcore data.

Usfull links:
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Ab machines

Flawless washboard abs are not that easy to get. For the best results you need to invest in the best ab machines, because getting a flawless six pack you’ve only seen in movie actors is a lot more challenging than meets the eye. Ad crunch machines can help get the job done; the best ones are designed to restructure your crunching and ensure the right muscles are worked with greater impact. Only an ab machine can provide you with a complete range of motion; this is fundamental for long-lasting results. Full range motion maximizes the true potential of a crunch; doing it by yourself for 30 minutes is nearly impossible because your toes will begin to lift, thus affecting the exercise. Ab crunch machines are easy to use, although it is important to invest in quality if you want the equipment to last for years in perfect condition.

Our Top Picks

Best Ab Machines for 2016


Kettlebells must not be confused with barbells or dumbbells as they are completely different. Kettlebells have an off center design and they’re not meant for conventional bodybuilding or weight training; they focus on movement training, not muscle training. Your gym needs kettlebells for functional, whole-body training, as well as cardio & strength combined as well as mobility workout. Unlike dumbbells, using kettlebells is a lot more fun and enjoyable. The movements are fun, simple and unique, not to mention that the results will be broader shoulders, lean arms and defined abs. Women will love them! Kettlebells are essential gym tools that help them get a lean, svelte and feminine body shape.

Weights & barbell

A barbell is an essential piece of equipment in a gym. It comes in two types – Olympic and standard. Both are excellent for heavy lifting, but also for lighter applications. As far as weight plates are concerned, these are quite easy to find. General prices begin at $1/pound. To get the best deal, search classifieds, flea markets and it doesn’t hurt to ask around; your friends can help you out too. A barbell is fundamental in a gym because it challenges the body to push harder and gain resistance. Suitable for both men and women, barbell training improves physical and mental health; it can totally change the way your body looks and feels.

Our top picks for Weights & Barbells:

Why leave the comfort of your own home to work out when you can bring the gym to you by building yourself a home gym? Exercising should be a lifestyle, not a weight-loss regimen; it should be just as common as eating and sleeping. And you do all that a home, right? All you need to get started is a small amount of cash, a proper space and some advice to help you pick the best equipment. We’ve presented you with some of the best. Of course, there are others but you’ll figure it out on the way. For now, you should just stick with the basics, and as you get your training started you can always diversify to keep things interesting.

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