Bayou Fitness BF-1050 Adjustable Dumbbells

Bayou Fitness BF-0150 Adjustable Dumbbell

No home gym is complete without a good set of dumbbells. Even people who don’t have home gyms often own a set of dumbbells because the dumbbell is one of the most versatile pieces of exercise equipment ever invented. The Bayou Fitness BF-1050 adjustable dumbbell is a single dumbbell that can be adjusted from 10 to 50 pounds. It is a handsome piece of exercise equipment in chrome-plated silver and black. It is made out of heavy-duty steel and will provide years of use. This single dumbbell will replace five other dumbbells in the home gym, a considerable saving in both money and storage space. It comes complete with its own special storage rack. The dumbbell in the rack measures 15 5/8″ long, 9 5/16″ wide and 9″ high.You can be sure it’s a pretty popular choice -it made it to our top picks for the Best Adjustable dumbbells of this year.

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Key Features

  • Single dumbbell
  • Adjusts 10 to 50 lbs.
  • Saves space
  • Saves money
  • Durable construction

The Good

  • Replaces 5 other dumbbells

The best feature of this dumbbell is that it replaces at least five other dumbbells. Most home gyms have limited space for storing dumbbells of various weights. But all home gyms need many different dumbbells of different weights. In order to tone, bulk and strengthen the muscles it is very important to select a dumbbell of the correct weight for each user and each exercise. If a weight is too light, performing the exercise is basically a waste of time. If the weight is too heavy, the person performing the exercise is likely to use improper form which can cause injuries. Therefore, a good home gym will have as many different weights of dumbbells as possible.

A pair of BF-0150 Adjustable Dumbbells

  • Can be adjusted in 5-pound increments

Some purchasers of the BF-1050 reported it can be adjusted in 5-pound increments if desired. The manufacturer intended it to be adjusted in 10-pound increments only and when adjusted in this fashion it is always a well-balanced weight. However, if the user is willing to put up with an unbalanced weight it apparently can be adjusted in 5-pound increments, essentially replacing an entire set of dumbbells with just one piece of equipment.

  • Easily adjusted

Users reported that it is easy to quickly change the weight of the dumbbell just by sliding the mechanism. Some users suggested applying a little WD-40 to the mechanism to make it even easier.

  • Sturdy

Purchasers of the BF-0150 reported the weights are well-constructed and sturdy. Some users reported having used the dumbbell regularly for years and yet it still looks brand-new. One user commented that competing brands seemed to be flimsy in comparison, using a lot of plastic or webbing straps in construction rather than the solid steel the Bayou Fitness dumbbells are constructed from.

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The Bad

  • Adjusting knob breaks

A few purchasers reported that the weight-adjusting knob sticks and therefore can break after only a few uses. According to other purchasers this apparent drawback can be easily corrected by simply applying a little WD-40 before using the dumbbell.

  • Storage rack sticks

Some purchasers reported being annoyed by the fact that the storage rack tends to stick to the dumbbell and has to be held down in order to remove the dumbbell from it. One user suggested the rack would be more functional if it had carrying handles on it so the dumbbell plus rack could be easily moved around.

  • Only one

Several purchasers commented that they had mistakenly believed they were purchasing a pair of adjustable dumbbells when buying the Bayou Fitness BF-0150. Although this is not really a con of the product, it is important to note that the BF-0150 is sold singly. If a pair of dumbbells is what is desired, it is necessary to purchase two of the Bayou Fitness BF-0150 dumbbells.

The Verdict

The Bayou Fitness BF-0150 is a well-made, sturdy adjustable dumbbell set. It can easily be adjusted from 5 to 50 pounds in 5-pound increments, thus replacing an entire set of dumbbells. For home gyms with limited storage space this is an excellent purchase. Some competing brands of adjustable dumbbells use straps to hold the plates on the dumbbell, and others use a lot of plastic in their construction. The Bayou dumbbell is solid steel throughout.

Purchasers of other brands of adjustable dumbbells have complained that the plates sometimes lock onto the dumbbell and cannot be removed. Purchasers of the Bayou Fitness BF-0150 have complained that the weight adjustment mechanism can stick and break, but other purchasers of the Bayou Fitness BF-0150 report that simply applying WD-40 to the mechanism before use will fix this problem.

One common complaint about adjustable all-in-one dumbbells is that they tend to be bulkier in size than single-weight dumbbells of the same weight. Extra bulk can make it difficult to complete some exercises using good form. Although it is impossible to create an adjustable dumbbell that is not bulkier than a single-weight dumbbell, several purchasers of the Bayou Fitness BF-0150 commented that one reason why they selected this product was that it seemed to be less bulky than competing products.

The bottom line is that the Bayou Fitness BF-0150 is an excellent purchase overall, costing the same or less than similar products that may not be as sturdy in construction.

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