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Arnold Schwarzenegger Series Arnold Iron Pump

No one brings to mind taught muscles and a honed physic more than legendary bodybuilder Arnold Schwarzenegger. Using this visual cue, MusclePharm’s Arnold Schwarzenegger Series Iron Pump is a super nitric oxide formula with arginine nitrate meant to maximize ultimate muscle building. With the pump described as “the greatest feeling you can get in the gym,” Iron Pump is formulated to be the most perfect pre-workout pump product on the market. Guaranteed to deliver massive pumps, muscle fullness, vascularity, explosive energy and enhanced size, this powder is marketed toward only serious body builders. Available in a basic variety of flavors and sizes, it is a non-jittery addition to pumping you up before your workout.

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  • Available in raspberry lemonade, fruit punch, watermelon and pineapple mango
  • Does not make you jittery prior to your workout
  • Made with Ion-3 Nitrate Technology
  • Arginine used to support other body functions
  • Delivers explosive energy and strength

The Good

Arnold Iron Pump Supplement FactsBy utilizing Ion-3 Nitrate Technology, the world’s first molecularly modified arginine formula, Iron Pump is the most advanced Nitric Oxide formula available in sports nutrition. An Ion-3 Nitrate is used to open blood pathways to the muscles, improving the effectiveness of the workout. It also uses a fusion of l-arginine and nitric acid to create an enhanced blood flow that distributes nutrients far more efficiently. Arginine then creates nitric oxide to support vascularity and strength while maintaining healthy hormone levels. Nitrate then activates smooth muscle tissue and enlarges all of the blood passageways including arteries, veins and capillaries. This maintains great blood flow to all of the muscles you are pumping like your biceps, triceps and quads.

Unlike other pump powders, Iron Pump contains absolutely no caffeine, meaning you start your work out free of jitters. Even though it lacks this ingredient, it still provides a solid dose of energy that is consistent throughout the entire workout. It has been shown to help with lifts and squats should you hit a plateau. While working out, it creates a very noticeable pump throughout all muscles, leaving users with both visual results and enhanced energy without the usual side effects. There is also a slight increase in both size and speed of pump while working out.

Aside from the improved gains and the scientific formula, Arnold’s Iron Pump is a great price when compared to its competitors. While other pre-workout formulas can run at $10 higher or more for the same amount, this product is in a very affordable range. Combined with the fact that it is only ever consumed pre-workout, it can end up lasting a very long time if you do not pump every day. With 30 servings in the container, even if you take two days off every week, you’ll have a product that lasts at least a month and a half.

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The Bad

While there are 4 flavors to choose from, none are rated as very good. In general, taste is not mentioned except off-handedly in that the flavors need work, indicating that though drinkable, it is not a tasty product.

Aside from the lack of flavor, Iron Pump also leaves many of its users feeling bloated or gives them minor headaches. This could very well be based on the increased blood flow, but since it is produced in a facility that also processes ingredients containing milk, eggs, fish, shellfish, tree nuts, peanuts, wheat and soybeans, it can be safely assumed that the bloating could also be triggered by a slight allergic reaction to possible contamination.

Though energy inducing, it does not create a solid tunnel vision that competitors can create and a few users don’t even feel a surge of energy. If you have a very hard time focusing on working out, something like Pump-HD from BPI would be a better choice as it is built more for extreme focused than extreme pump.

The Verdict

While it provides a heavy pump and visually verified results, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Series Iron Pump is a strong product if you are specifically looking for increased pumps. With its scientifically derived Ion3-Nitrate Technology, it is one of the best blood flow increases available. With the added bonus of not leaving you with a jittery feeling before your workout, it is great for lifters that go in to most workouts with an already solid focus.

Unfortunately, it is not the tastiest formula out there, and it can leave you feeling bloated or headache because of its possible contamination with well-known allergens. It is also not the best product for an intense workout focus. If you need a pre-workout drink that really gets your mind set on the task at hand, Iron Pump is not the answer.

A solid product that does what it claims and nothing more, it is a great investment for beginners and intermediates looking to try out different pump powders as it is not too expensive and avoids the side effects of a lot of the more intense pump formulas.

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