AFG 7.1 AT Treadmill

AFG 7.1 AT Treadmill

The AFG 7.1 AT treadmill is one of the advanced models of treadmills offered by Advanced Fitness Group. The 7.1 AT has new media technology features such as the Passport access feature. This feature allows users to enjoy virtual tours, from Italy to the American Southwest, through their home television. This treadmill is extremely quiet and is equipped with a 3.25 CHP drive, which makes it possible for users to watch television without having to turn up the volume levels. This treadmill is ideal for distance runners, because the 20” x 60” surface platform gives runners enough space to run without altering their stride. The 7.1 AT model will not shift or rattle, because the non-folding platform is made with heavy gauge steel. The price of this treadmill is around $1700, which can be considered too costly for budget conscious consumers.

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• The weight capacity of 375 pounds provides a stable and sturdy surface for users.
• The 20” x 60” surface length is ideal for runners with long strides.
• The 3.25 CHP motor is extremely strong and can last through long exercise sessions.
• The 7.1AT offers a variety of fun and interesting workout programs.

The Good

Powerful Drive System

The 3.25HP continuous-duty motor offers a smooth and peaceful ride at any pace or distance. The 7.1 AT’s drive system also comes with a 15 percent power incline that offers more workout options. The power incline is also ideal distance runners, and can offer great training benefits for runners who are training for a race. The motor is used in professional treadmills in fitness clubs, and the motor can reach speeds up to 12 miles per hour.

Long Treadmill Belt

This model features a 20” x 60” treadmill belt, which is another feature that is ideal for runners. The length of the belt gives runners ample space for users to run without having to alter their stride length. The treadmill belt is also designed with active response cushioning, which is a feature designed by Advanced Fitness Group to ease the impact of running.

Sturdy Frame

The 7.1AT offers a sturdy, non-folding frame that’s designed for durability. The frame is made of heavy gauge steel and has a weight capacity of 375 pounds. The frame will not shift or rattle, so this is the perfect option for heavier individuals. This frame is also designed to endure the most intense workout sessions, so this is a great option for users wanting intense workout sessions.


One of the great features of the 7.1 AT is the Passport interactive media program. This feature is free, and there are no wire connections required between the treadmill and the television. Passport offers two trails in Northern Italy and the American Southwest. Users can enjoy breathtaking scenery through their television, which make exercising enjoyable.

iPod and MP3 Compatibility

The 7.1 is designed for compatibility with iPod and MP3 players. Users can dock and control music from the console of the treadmill, and the treadmill also comes with premium speaker system.

Nike+ iPod Workout Tracking

The 7.1AT is automatically able to synchronize workout data directly to iPods, which enables users to track progress on This feature is easy to use, because users simply connect the iPod connecter and are able to save pace, distance, and calories burned to their iPod.

Workout Variety

This treadmill offers a wide variety of workout programs help users target weight loss, monitor heart rate, and increase speed and endurance. These programs are designed to meet a variety of goals: Manual, Speed Intervals, Stamina Builder, Peak Intervals, Weight Loss, Golf Course, Mountain Climb, Foot Hills, Intervals Heart Rate, THR Zone, Custom, and Steps Heart Rate. The variety of programs the 7.1 AT offers make it easier for users to reach their goals.

Heart Rate Monitor

The 7.1AT comes with a wireless heart rate monitor that includes a Polar chest strap and receiver. The wireless monitor allows users to track their heart rate without having to worry about bothersome wires.

Exceptional Warranty

The 7.1AT treadmill has an exceptional warranty protection. Advanced Fitness Group offers lifetime protection on the frame and motor, two years of labor, and five years of parts coverage. The treadmill also comes with a one year in-home service warranty.

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The Bad


The treadmill does not fold, and is a large model with dimensions measuring 79” x 37” x 57”. It is recommended for users to be sure they have enough space for this treadmill, since it does not fold and is such a large model.


This cost of the treadmill is around $1,700, which is a considerable price for budget conscious consumers. The features of this advanced model are what make the machine so costly, but the price can influence consumers to look for cheaper treadmill.

Deck System

The deck system could have better quality for an advanced treadmill. Other companies that offer advanced models of treadmills, such as True, Precor, and Life Fitness, have better dock systems on comparable treadmills.

The Verdict

The AFG 7.1 AT offers features that consumers should look for in a quality treadmill. Although the non-folding treadmill requires a considerable amount of space, it provides the same durability as professional treadmills. The interactive media technology included with this model is also a bonus that helps users achieve their goals. The 7.1AT model is not inexpensive, but the feature that are included with this treadmill make it worth the money. This treadmill is great for runners and heavier users, and the features included with this model keep users motivated to exercise.

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